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Mold’s Gold

One should always the Father of Darkness praise eightfold,

when you His holy temple taxes does uphold.

Should you think our tributes to Hashut are too manifold,

see to Kalbur the Mean whom taxes did withhold.

Kalbur was a low smith with a poverty’s household,

his wickedness drove him to be very bold.

He gilted bare lead as tithe to Prophets’ stronghold,

attempting to Hashut himself blindfold.

One night of ill omens smith poured gold into a mold,

casting a household idol to get sold.

Yet out of the solid mold sprang a Daemon of hot gold,

and Kalbur was of Hashut’s punishment told.

Hashut’s idol then caught cheater in flaming stranglehold,

burnt him to ashes which never got cold.

So if you wrong thoughts do bear then fate of Kalbur behold,

who broke sacred laws and thus did not die old.

- Chaos Dwarf children rhyme song


This is what happens when the Father doesn’t get his due!


Also praise high Hashut when you apply your super glue!