[Archive] Moloch's evil dwarfs. My growing warband


Hello Guys,

Now it’s time to finally show what I’m working on.

I’m painting and finishing old half painted models for my chaos dwarf army. It’s made of classic GW Big Hats models, a few Forge World ones and I’m planning to add also Admiral’s fantastic models.

I thought the the best way to make my showcase is to create an Instagram Profile and post it here too.

So here is my first photo shoots

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I belived that most of you have already seen it as it was an entry of the recent Goldren Hat.

Subscribe and stay tuned for more pictures, some new models pictures on Saturday.

:hat off :cheers Moloch



The hell cannon looks pretty evil indeed! I especially like the color combination of the eerily glowing barrel and the corroded metal parts. Looking forward to more!


Lovely paintjob on a lovely model! :hat off


Nicely done.

I don’t do Instagram but keep posting the links for me.

Uther the unhinged:

Really striking and cool colour scheme. Looks great!


The hell cannon looks pretty evil indeed! I especially like the color combination of the eerily glowing barrel and the corroded metal parts.  Looking forward to more!

Thank you all for your kind appreciations :)

Here is the idea behind the color scheme: I wanted my Forge World models (because of their less classical look) to be Age of Sigmar oriented and I thought the the Hellcannon should be part of this scheme as it looks closer to FW style rather then Big Hats.

This small warband is fighting in the Realm of Death and paint schemes will reflect that.

So, when the Hellcannon shots piles of skulls it glows of a creepy greenish light because the skulls call back their lost souls making it even more terrifying.



A very Nurgle-like color scheme … well almost! :wink:

Very cool entry! I would like to more stuff in this style! :stuck_out_tongue:



It looks great dude! Looking forward to seeing your army progress :slight_smile:

Reaver of Uzkulak :

Your entry inspired me to get going again on my ol metal Hellcannon! I was stymied on it for a while, especially with how I wanted to base it. Scooped it off eBay too long ago and it required lots of repair. I really like the scheme you chose, excellent work. :cheers


Hi Guys,

I’ve been working on sevaral models in these days and here is what’s already finshed:

IRON GOLEMS ALLIES: Login • Instagram

BIG HAT BULL CENTAUR: Login • Instagram

On Saturday I’ll be able to finsh some more 4 or 5 Iron Golems.  I kept the copper/bronze style I’m using on FW Chaos dwarfs and I’m getting fun in painting different colours skins.

All my Chaos Dwarfs were painted with an ivory-light brownish tone to reflect their middle eastern ethnicity but there’s a lot of fun with other human races too. As Iron Golems feature Dwarfs, Ogres, average Humans, power pumped Humans they’re the right team to make some experince with various skins tones.

The Bull Centaurs is not actually a bull… I’ve got a 9 models team and some of them will have classical red, brown or black colours…some Others not! This is the first one with exoctic fur, a tiger like pattern. Not a superb job but I’m satisfied as first efford.




Hello Guys,

I was able to complete the Iron Golem unit, here is their pictures and the Armator close up shoots:

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In the meanwhile I’m working on the 2014 demonsmith, I wanted a dark setting with a glowing fire…then a find a couple of amazing youtube tutorials showing a how to paint 2 light sources in the dark and I went for it. There’s still some work to do and it’s not astonishing but I’m pretty satisfied being the first time I try:

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Do you have any idea for the base? The easieast solution is probably some sand and paint it as dark as the model.



Nice paintjobs! I like the colours used for the Iron Golems, and that’s a good first for the twin light sources. :hat up

I base my own minis that way, dark grey sand. Works.


Hi All,

I was able to paint and post on IInstagram something more and I decide to post the links in a more organized way.

I hope to be able to show you additional models very soon :slight_smile:


-Astragoth: Login • Instagram

-Lammasu and Wizard: Login • Instagram

-Great Taurus Lord: Login • Instagram

-Forge World 2011 Daemonsmith. Login • Instagram

-Forge Wolrd 2014 Daemonsmith: Login • Instagram

-Forge World store Daemonsmith: Login • Instagram


-Forge World heavy infantry:

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-Iron Golems:

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-Bull centaur 3 v2: Login • Instagram

-Bull centaur 4: Login • Instagram

-Bull centaur 5: Login • Instagram

-Bull centaur 6: Login • Instagram

-Bull centaur stendard bearer: Login • Instagram

-BloodBowl bull centaur: Login • Instagram


-Hellcannon: Login • Instagram

-Hellcannon crew: Login • Instagram

Hope you enjoy



Wow, some serious artist stuff here! The red and blue demon smith looks amazing! I wish I was able to do color gradients like that.


Thank you Hashoooot! Much apreciated!

The demonsmith was my first try with 2 light sources in the dark. There are some amazing tutorials on youtube, check 'em out, it is not that difficult to do as it seems :slight_smile:


Looking good there!

Hopefully Admiral and the Crew are able to get the move done to a better forum soon, with an ability to host photos… Will make it so much smoother. But thanks for sharing, I really like that Hellcanon! :slight_smile: