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Hello thar everyone. This is my first post on these forums :slight_smile:

I stumbled upon this website whilst looking up on tutorials and stuffs on painting converting GS sculpting etc etc. I was intrigued as this website seemed to be all about the Chaos Dwarves. However as far as i knew, this army no longer existed (well it did exist they just weren’t producing models anymore). So i decided to take a look around and ive seen alot of people’s conversions and armies and it really has inspired me, ive always been interested in Chaos Dwarves and wondered why they stop producing miniatures. So ive decided to try and make my own CD army ^^.

I want to use this thread to post all my ideas and build up some pictures of my armies, the WIP and the painted, as it grows.

After watching Xander’s videos on making BSFP dwarves into CD it and reading the PDF fanmag (which is extremely interesing) inspired me to try and do this myself. Ive always had a nick for turning nothings into to somethings (even by just imagining it is a certain unit when it isnt!). So ive decided to purchase a BFSP box set and use parts from nothing else (expect a few bits here and there and obviously a load of GS) to create my own CD army.

A friend of mine (after much bugging) decided to lend me a BSFB dwarf he undercoated so i can get a feel of how to turn these dwarfs into chaos dwarves. It was my second time (ever) using GS to make something, so it isnt a masterpeice. (first time was making an Ogre Bull into a Butcher) i will upload a pic of this once i find my camera :slight_smile:

Unfortunately i dont have much time on my hands at the moment. So progress may be slow! But i will post some doodles of my conversion plans a bit later on and other stuff :slight_smile:

SO back to the BSFP idea/other stuff dump:

First of all i will list what units/characters i am planning ot make with my BSFP bos set:

(Spiders will become imaginary wolves!)

Chaos Dwarf Character with GW
Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer x3 (first model: Shadow/fire, Second: Metal, Third: Death)
Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf (Spider)
Dwarf Warriors with hand weapon and shield x12
Dwarf Warriors with Blunderbusses x15
Hobgoblin Warriors with hand weapons and shields x20
Hobgoblin Warriors with hand weapons and shields x20
Hobgoblin Warriors with bows x10
Hobgoblin Wolf(Spider)riders with bows x9
Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket - two crew
Sneaky Gitz x10
Earthshaker Cannon - three crew (However the model leant to me by my mate will become the third crew member)

Spare models:

Goblin Big Boss
Goblin Shaman (with a missing puppet on a stick)
A troll
A Dwarf Pony
A trapped Dwarf Dragon Slayer

(Note: Some Models in this list will require certain parts from my bits box)

I wont give away my conversion ideas, youll just have to be patient :3

I have written an army list with what i am planning to do once i have purchased my BSFP box set. Comments and Critique are very much wanted :slight_smile: (Im a new CD player so i have no idea what the fluff im doing)

(Army Lists incommin!)

More ideas, comments, critique etc are very welcome!

P.s. I have plans on increasing the army further (once the stuff here is done ofc) by purchasing some Dwarf miners to become warriors with GWs and perhaps more BSFP/normal thunderers and warriors to convert further.

P.p.s Please excuse bad grammer/spelling.

P.p.p.s I will post a few of my conversion ideas etc a bit later when i have more time on my hands :slight_smile:


if you also have the weagon which supposed to be behind the pony then you can make a bolttrower out of it and use the goblin big boss and shaman as crew. Here is an example: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5531

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That Bolt Thrower is awesome! Good use of the Pony Cart for sure!

Kera foehunter:

well here someting you can do .Use the troll and the cart from the poneycart have the troll look like it throwing the cart!!

as a poor man earth shaker cannon untill you get one maybe??

the poney as a bull centaur !

its alot of work but some one done it here and it didnot look bad!

some idea if you get time or bored?