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I thought I’d lost these, found them the other day. These are the rules I wrote for 6th edition. They were never fully completed so a lot of the points costs are way off and rules explanations are full of holes. I’ll be updating them for 8th edition, mostly for fun.

Monster Design Rules

These rules are to enable anyone to field a large Monster of their own devising in any army.  It can also be used for any large mechanical machine, chariot or siege weapon of your own devising.  The model must represent everything on the list if possible (example: must have wings to fly).  Everything is purposely overcosted!

The word ‘Monster’ is used throughout, although the model may be of a large machine or some kind.

Example uses: Lizardman dinosaurs, Goblin Squiggoth, Dwarf siege tank, Skaven Doomwheel, Chaos Dwarf robotic body for Sorcerer, Empire attack cannon, Chaos Chimera, baby Chaos War Mammoth, High Elf land yacht, chariot for any army, etc

           M WS BS S T W I A Ld Save  Points

Monster    5  3  0 5 5 4 2 4 6   6+    150

Large Target, Causes Fear.

Uses a 50mm x 50mm base.  Counts as two Rare choices.  You may add or change the characteristics for the appropriate points value.  You may not buy multiples of any charactistic.  Monsters which don’t contain a living creature MUST have the Unliving characteristic, Daemons and Undead Monsters may choose.

  | Characteristic      | Inc/Dec/New Value  | Points Cost  |
  |                     |                    |              |
  | Movement            |        +1          |     +15      |
  | Strength            |        +1          |     +20      |
  | Toughness           |        +1          |     +30      |
  | Wounds              |        +1          |     +30      |
  | Initiative          |        +3          |     +15      |
  | Attacks             |        +1          |     +20      |
  | No Attacks          |        -           |     -30      |
  | Cause Terror        |        -           |     +40      |
  | Armour Save         |        5+          |     +20      |
  | Ward Save           |        6+          |     +20      |
  | Ward Save           |        5+          |     +40      |
  | Can Fly             |        -           |     +50      |
  | Breathe Fire        |        -           |     +40      |
  | Chariot charge      | D6 hits on charge  |     +30      |
  | Unliving            |        -           |     +20      |
  |                     |                   |              |
  | Mounts List       |                    |              |
  | Mount for Character |        -           |     +10      |
  | Mount for Unit      |        -           |     +20      |
  | War Machine Mount   |        -           |     +20      |
  | Crewed              |        -           |     +20      |
  | Pulled by Steeds    |        -           |     +20      |
  |                     |                    |              |
  | Base Size List    |                    |              |
  | Larger base         |        -           |     +20      | 50mm x 100mm
  | Huge base           |        -           |     +50      | 100mm x 100mm or more

An Unliving Monster does not have to take a monster reaction test if it’s mounts are all killed.  When the Monster has no models mounted on it, it will not be able to move.  Any units currently attacking it are free to move as normal.  The Monster will attack back if attacked in close combat but will not do anything else for the remainder of the battle.  It may not be remounted.

Chariot Charge

When the Monster charges it will do D6 impact hits like a normal chariot in addition to making normal attacks.  On all subsequent turns it attacks as normal.  The Monster may not march.

Breathe Fire

The Monster breathes fire.  This is S3 and uses the normal breath weapon template.

Can Fly

The Monster can fly as described in the Warhammer rulebook.

Base Size

The size of the base refers to the total base size after all upgrades have been added (including steeds) and MUST be bought if the base size is larger than 50mm x 50mm.


Only one item may be chosen from the Mounts List.  An Unliving Monster must be mounted.  Any model on the Monster may attack an adjacent enemy unit.  When attacking a mounted Monster in close combat you may choose to attack either the Monster or any of the mounts unless stated otherwise.  If a Monster which is not Unliving loses it’s mount(s) then it will have to take a monster reaction test as normal.

Mount for Character

The Monster may be used as a mount for a single character.  The character must be able to be purchase a normal mount (horse, wolf, boar, Manticore, Dragon, etc) or this can’t be chosen.  Shooting hits at the unit are split as with normal Monster ridden by character rules.

Mount for Unit

The Monster may be fitted with a howda or deck and may be used to carry a unit of troops.  The unit must be a core unit of infantry of up to 20 models.  No weapon bonuses apply (Spears can’t attack in two ranks, Halberds don’t grant +1S, etc).  Handweapon and shield does not grant the additional +1 normal conferred by that combination in close combat.  Champions, Standard Bearers and Musicians may not be bought for the unit.  Missile weapons may shoot as normal with the normal penalties for moving and marching (turning on the spot counts as movement).  Must have a Huge Base at least as big as the total base area of the unit it supports (or the extra ones will ‘fall off’ and die).  Shooting may target either the Monster or the unit.

War Machine Mount

A single War Machine and its crew may be mounted on the Monster.  It may only fire if the Monster moved normally or remained stationary during the movement phase.  It may not shoot on the same turn as any other form of movement including marching, failed charge, fleeing, and charging.  It may not shoot while in combat.  Must have a Larger Base or Huge Base.  Shooting may target either the Monster or the war machine (any hits against the war machine are split with the crew as per normal).


The Monster may have up to three crew.  The crew must consist of infantry models from a core unit with no equipment or armour and with the same points cost.  If the points cost includes any additional equipment or armour then this is wasted.  A single character may be included as the third crewman.  The crew can be attacked in combat as normal.

Pulled by Steeds

The Monster may be assisted in moving by steeds.  The steeds may be of any single wound mount normally available to a character in the army, including wolves, boars and horses.  If no steeds are available then none may be bought.  In addition to the Pulled By Steeds costs they each cost the same number of points as it does to buy them for a hero level character, or lord level character if not available to heroes.  The steeds do not change the movement value of the Monster but may attack as if they were pulling a chariot.  They do not hinder the Monsters attacks at all.  The steeds cannot be targetted or attacked in combat, and will remain until the Monster is killed.  The steeds add to the size of the base, increasing the width by 25mm per steed with minimum of 50mm.  Any special rules of the steed, such as Stupidity, must be taken as you would a normal mount.


nice stuff and thanks for putting it out there, I know there not legal but a few discussions could create a damn fine guide. I thought it stupid that in the 8th rule book they said you could create things but made absolutely no attempt to provide a guide as to what to charge for any part of the monster or machine you have created