[Archive] Monthly 6 Hour Modeling Marathon?


Taking a line from Pyro :hat off and seeing that the Painting Marathon is going so well, why not make a specific one for modeling as well… there are many new members starting armies. and alot of us are still working on conversions of some kind. It makes a bit of sense to me. Who is up for it?

Same basic rules:

-Once a Month

-2 Days

-Participants spend 6 hours modeling

-Post pictures afterward

Pyro Stick:

This is already partly covered in the painting marathon. If people want to take part then they can model during one marathon and paint durig the second.

But since not many people seem to be doing this i think this is a good idea to help those that are trying to convert a full army. It would be a good idea to post links in this thread to good conversion articles to get people started.