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So i am starting with a Chaos Dwarf Warband that GW Spain wrote up in 2001ish. We are starting monday with 750 gp to get the game going, and most everyone is going to have a a huge bruiser. I am starting with a:


Wizard w/axe

bull centaur, axe, shield, and heavy armour

champion 1, axe, brace of pistols

champion 2, 2-handed axe, shield


2 CD Blunderbusses, blunderbuss, axe

5 Hobgobs, axe, shield, bow

3 hobgobs, poison daggers

I think that should level out most close combat warbands.


The first game was a bad start, the scenario was tresure hunt, and fought against a beastmen raiders warband and two skaven warbands.

I split my warband up, and lost most of my heroes in the first few turns to bad rolls, my bull centaur and a champion to a pack of 2 beastie dogs, my hobgoblins destroyed by a minotaur and centigor.

my other champion to a skaven leader.

the highlights were my blunderbussers in combat, they took out a rat ogre and the skaven leader that attacked my champion.

so i came out in the end bad. til next week, hopefully hashut will bless my dice.

Hashut’s Blessing:

How did you do on the post game rolling? I.E. How many that were casualties in the game can be used in the future? Better luck next time.

I’m, personally, waiting to see some pictures of your models :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh i lost one hobgoblin, but bought him back, thank goodness they are cheap.

The bull centaur got madness: frenzy

champion #2: hates skaven

So i came out good, but no money!


Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, apart from the need to have to pay for a new hobgoblin, you seem to have done pretty well out of that! I know that they’re cheap, but it has left you with no money now :smiley:

So, when do we get pictures?


soon when i bring my camera to the next game i ll get some pics. i only have one painted so far.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good lad. If you take it to the game, some pics of the game itself could be quite cool. Only one painted so far? Get painting :wink:


game 2: so once again i am faced with the beastmmen that destroyed me, some pumped up skaven, and a possessed warband than gets owned by the skaven in 5 turns.

my hobgoblins all of them get crushed by the minotaur and centigor, but after taking out 3 of his beastmen and 2 of his doggies, my bull centaur crushes a hero, and missed every roll to kill his minotaur and ends badly again.

but the the real champs of the game are the blunderbusses, which wiped out his sorceror his leader and a few ungor in few shooting phases, and once again toe to toe with the rest of his warband staying just long enough for him to fail his rout test! amazing!

by end of the game my wizard, a champion, and the 2 blunderbusses are left against a an army of skaven, i force rout.

good game coming in second, and the experience rolls came decent, but wasted all my money on buying back all my hobs that died. so it was an ok win.

Bull centaur now causes fear though and a 5 toughness.

forgot my camera, so no pics yet soon though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, very pleased to hear that you came second. If you’re going to keep buying Informers, you may want to consider giving them two daggers and, if you can, a bow. Don’t underestimate the power of shooting: your blunderbusses have been devastating, but bow fire can happen every single turn. Try to forge a secret alliance for the next multiplayer battle, trading gold if need be. It’s in character too :wink:

Alternatively, try to save up money rather than buying back hobgoblins that you will have to buy back each battle. With this money, you can buy better equipment for your characters or save up for more characters etc: more characters = more rolls post-battle = more money.

Excellent that your BC now causes fear and has T5. Good luck and remember your cam next time :wink: