[Archive] Mordheim - Sartosa Plus CD Pirate Development

Auretious Taak:

If you play Mordheim you MUST have a look at my mate Dave’s Mordheim campaign setting website - Sartosa. Better known as Styrofoam King in the Mordheim Community online, he has helped me create the Snotling Warband that developed on the SG Forums over the past few years (and is awesome fun to play) and has been working on the pirate setting for a while now. I’ve not had time to sit back and read through and criticise any of the work, though have been asked to due to my ability to pick something broken by looking through the warband without necessarily playtesting the warband (e.g. I looked at the Border Town Burning Ogre Warband before their FAQ was released and the final warband was put out and halfway down the first page had turned their special rules into a battery for gold crown income, experience income, and equipment income making them the most powerful warband the game has ever seen. Of course I was overwhelmed by the possibilities and didn’t get to explain all of this properly at the time as I was supporting everything with examples of how to break it properly and then rl stuff hit the fan, and of course cianty and crew were most pissed at me for not saying what it was and having them state bluntly that they had playtested the warband for years it and it was perfectly fine and me walking in without even playtesting it saying it was broken was inconceivable to them. Fools. Yes, I’m arrogant with Mordheim but I can also take a 3 man warband to 30 games and be beating people with a maxed out 21 man warband over 50% of the time with just 3 guys as well - and I’m not talking about unskilled players, my brother and I power-game Mordheim, makes it more enjoyable for us and as such we know game balance for the setting relatively well).

I digress.

I was talking to Kera Foehunter in our Quote Pyramid of awesome PM’s and explained all of this as well as suggesting we perhaps develop Chaos Dwarf Pirate Warband for the setting. I’ll hear back from her shortly but the one thing that gets me with CD’s in Mordheim is that in Fantasy they are portrayed as having a main ranged weapon armament of a Blunderbuss, and one that can fire every turn. In Mordheim, you are limited to 1 shot Blunderbusses which whilst useful in ones or twos, most opponents won’t clump enough to make the Blunderbuss an overall primary weapon where a Bow on a Hob Goblin is 3 times as cheap and just as effective. So why not make Blunderbusses a reloadable weapon for CD Gunners but incorporate a special rule for their use in a CD Warband.

‘Extra Long Re-load’ - The Blunderbusses used by the Chaos Dwarves are much more ingenious in their design then those of other races. This allows them to ‘quickly’ reload a Blunderbuss enabling a series of shots from the one weapon in a single engagement rather then being good for a single shot only as per othe races.

A Blunderbuss used by a Chaos Dwarf can be reloaded during the game but due to the nature of the weapon, it will take 2 whole turns to reload before it can be fired again.

There you go, nice rule to start with.

Sartosa my dear chaps and lassies:


Have a look

Auretious Taak.