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turquois dwarf:

whats your opinion on mordheim

rulebook link here


I used to like Mordheim. It was never as good as Necromunda imo. But a good little game nonetheless.


I love mordheim, i can never find an opponent round here though

it is far the 2nd best GW game ever (I like WH, but thats just because of CDs)


i have to admit i never played mordhiem, in fact probably the only specialist games i havent played are mordhiem and warmaster. I have alwas wanted to try i though, and now the rules are available free, im sure i will be giving it a go soon.

hopefully it will be as good as necromunda, which in my opinion, and i know a lot of people agree, is games workshops crowning achievement, although in a good way mordhiem isnt just a direct fantasy crossover. i think the hero/henchman element will work really well, something they re-used from advanced heroquest.


Never played it, though I have the rulebooks and a skaven warband and a half built ‘city of the damned’. I loved Necromunda, Mordheim looks similar but not really sure about how the henchmen work, until I play it I suppose I will have to stay neutral.


I used to play it up till a year ago .Great fun way to introduce players to the rule mechanisms and also good because you dont need many minis .You do however need alot of terrian for a good game:hat


It is a first-rate game.

The rules are simple and allow for competitive play or for “beer and potato chips” style of play.

The warbands are cheap and quick to paint. There is not a lot to carry around, even if you have your own scenery for it.

It makes a nice change of pace from larger games like Warhammer.

It also combines elements of roleplaying as well as wargaming, so over time your warband gets tougher (or weaker), the people in the warband evolve over time, and you get the extra dimension of post-game mortality tests and rewards.

A very interesting change from more formulaic larger scale wargames.

There is even a CD list for it now :hat


liked necromunda, would likely enjoy mord, tho i gotta say it would be nice to have a steady group of people and a regular interval to keep a campaign interesting/involving


I have a copy of the Mordheim starter kit - the one with the Skaven and Human models in it. I’m pretty interested in playing it, but I don’t know anyone who does. I’ve tried to get people interested in it but they’re all very cheap and don’t want to invest the time in a 10 model warband. /sigh

Personally, I like the tactical investment in a smaller amount of models. Its more detailed and allows for a different speed of game to Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.


Anybody knows a way to purchase the kislev warband ?


@Hammerhand: The henchmen in Mordheim don’t advance in experience in the same way that the Heroes do. So, think of Heroes in Mordheim as equivilant to any gang member in Necromunda, while Henchmen are kind of like mini-regiments that advance slower and without skills - although there is a small chance that members of these mini-regiments can become heroes themselves.

And I agree with Vexxus, it’s a far better game when a campaign is going and being played fairly regularly - just like Necromunda.


My local GW built a huge mordheim board when it first came out, then let it die down. I was gutted - its my favorite GW game by far

turquois dwarf:

maybe we should have a special mordheim section of the website?


maybe we should have a special mordheim section of the website?

turquois dwarf
a specialist games section would be good


Yeah I’d sign up to that, with sub-forums for mordheim, warmaster etc where we could develop rules and discuss games. A gallery for all the cool Man-o-War stuff we have as well. The only other game we got a miniatures range for…


Much like most specialist games GW lets Mordheim wither on the vine. It has great rules and they should make it a vehicle to facilatate gamers wanting to move to WFB with their fvorite armies.


I think it’s a great way to spend an evening. It’s a nice non-competitive game in my opinion, very relaxing and easy to play over a few pints.