[Archive] Mordians, Valhallans, Arbites, Last Chancers and Cadians!


Ok, with probably the most descriptive title in the universe all set and done, I’m selling/trading/whatever else the following minis:


All metal, 40 Infantry with lasguns, 3 Mortar Loaders with mortars, and operators, 1 Chimera without the top hatch, 4 Valhallan Lieutenants 1 w/o left arm, 5 Infantry with Flamers, one infantry with Meltagun, 1 Primaris Psyker, and Chenkov (missing bolter arm).


All metal. 32 Mordian Infantry with lasguns, Standard Bearer, Commissar, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Sergeants, 3 Mortar Loaders/operators. 2 Autocannon loaders/operators, 2 autocannons, 1 Heavy Bolter Loader, 2 heavy bolters. An assortment of mordian minis that have had the weapons clipped off for whatever reason. (see picture).

In addition: I have 11 Arbite, including two judges, and two grenade launchers.

Also: Six of the Last Chancers:

I have quite a bunch of old metal Cadians, too, if anyone is interested in those. Let me know, I can take some snapshots of them.

What I want: Ultimately, I’d love to trade for Hobgoblin infantry. Sneaky Gits, HW/Shields, bows. What their armed with doesn’t matter.

I have paypal too, so if someone wanted to buy stuff from me, then I wouldn’t be opposed. Message me any offers.

Thanks guys!


I’d love to see pics of the arbites. Got any? How much are you selling them for?




If Xander doesn’t pick them up, I’ll post the pictures up that I sent him for anyone else interested.