[Archive] More fun at the Willmark household


Late last night after work and getting more stuff ready for our move next week I smell this burning rubber smell coming from the back yard. Dog comes run back with foam snot, crud all over his face.

Yep you guessed it. My Golden Retriever Teddy decided to tangle with a Skunk. Result: Skunk 1, Golden Retriever 0. Me washing the dog in the dark outside at 11:30 PM -5.


Oh dear. Skunk stink is very hard to get out!


now that sounds like a great deal of fun… dammit… its interesting how these sorts of things only happen when youre already drowning in work or trouble or, like in your casr, late at night… remembers me of some lice capades i went through with my daughter when my son was still in ICU… my sympathies!


Meh, its not so bad. Get the tomato juice on em ASAP, it will have faded in a few days. It’ll be around for awhile, for sure, but the harshest most acrid smell will be gone in a few days and you’ll barely notice it after that. The first night is the worst, especially if the dog likes to share your bed.


Tomato juice is an old wives tale

Found a hyrdrogen peroxide, baking soda, dawn dish soap concoction that worked.


Tomato juice works fine. Does the same as peroxide, except that its safer. Trust me, I live right by a ravine and when I’ve been through about 5 close range, strong dog-face skunk attacks.


Bathed him again with the solution and he’s now clean! Wohoo!


No skunks in this part of the world, thank god. A few days ago had a blocked toilet at 9pm during the first decent rain storm we’ve had in months just when guests had arrived



Now to get the smell out of the garage. Heavy rain and hail yesterday took care of the area in the back yard where he got sprayed. Garage however its lingering a bit. Moth balls out there have cut down the scent already.

Air purifier is working overtime downstairs to get the lingering air there.


In case anyone need it here you go:
Removal of Skunk Odor/Removing Odor - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Apparently developed by a chemist in 1993 after his dogs got sprayed a few times.

What this does is break down the methyl and butane thiols in the oil of the spray.

The big problem for most creatures is that it that a low concentration is all that is required to smell it, on the order of only a few parts per billion.

The concoction listed in the link breaks down the chemicals that actually cause the smell.


That featured on Mythbusters too. Their explanation had prettier graphics though. The tomato juice apparently works too. “Plausible”.


I’d say something with a light acid (tomato, orange, lemon etc…) could take the edge off.


Heh not taking the chance when the dog had to come in for the night.

You want to risk Tomato juice. Go for it, not me.