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Singleton Mosby:

Lately I’ve been playing quite a lot of Necromunda. As an emtpy table is no fun at all I soon set out to create terrain. Bas’ Necromuda thread was a big inspiration. The base for my terrain is the GW building sets. Then I take loads of plasticard and make all sort of stuff.

The first couple of weeks were spent creating walkways and stairs to connect the different buildings. Then I set out to create a tower and a seacontainer ;). And over the last weeks I went crazy with the idea to recreate this towngate.

A few pics of the what I’ve done so far.

My gang btw is composed of DKoK mdoels at the moment. I’ve also got some 45 Escher models which I’ve bought last week. Didn’t come around to paint them though.


Looks awesome, fantastic work!


Never played Necromunda, but I’m a very big fan of allmost everything apocalyptic.

This is some truly brilliant terrain! The mix match of colours and bits - chaotic, destroyed, apocalyptic.

And whata great way to use all the bits you have lying around! Great job!

Awaiting more - eagerly.

Singleton Mosby:

Thanks a lot guys :hat off

I am creating it modular so I can mix-match whatever piece I like. The walkways can also be put on top of the walls, there’s room and struts for them. Plan is to expand the walls with three-four more pieces so it can be set in any manner I like.

Played a nice 40K battle with the terrain yesterday btw. My opponent stormed the fortress trying to capture it.