[Archive] Moscal General on War Bull


I have an opportunity to get this model at a good price…my question is, Is it worth getting for my CD army.What I mean by that is, since the only character that can ride it is a sorcerer prophet, and a Taurus is basically best used in combat, is it worth getting and risk using the model in combat and potentially losing your magic user.Or would getting the FW special Sorcerer-Prophet character on Bale Taurus be a better option.I wish that a Castellan could ride a GT, it would add another option to the CD army by way of a good close combat character on a flying monster.

Thanks for your opinions


Just use Thommy’s rules, then you can also mount an Overlord on a Great Taurus or a Lammasu! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good fun in friendly games, I wouldn’t take one to a tournament.

Gear him up for combat (2+/4++ saves) and he’ll be okay, as long as you choose your targets.

I’m planning on getting FW’s Drazhoath when funds allow (I’m proxying at the moment), but again only for friendly games, and I’ll probably use him as a normal sorcerer-prophet anyway.


game wise, if it’s a fun game at the club/store ect, then definitely.

for serious tournament play, it’s definitely in the ‘fluffy/fun’ camp and is certainly not optimal.

I think the model is really cool, and i bought one for purely that reason.

If you’re not fielding any other model as a taurus then i’d proxy it as a taurus.

from a modelling and painting view alone it’s worth getting, especially if someone is doing you a good deal on one.




its definately a good looking model…I don’t like the wings too much, I have a set from GW(the dragon ones)that I may add or just greenstuff the ones that come with it to look like flames…





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