[Archive] Most iconic warhammer and 40k art?


What would you say are yours?

I’m curious to hear, as I’m really getting into my art recently, and I’ll be getting a huge canvas soon (A1 I think). So I’m looking for inspiration to hit home.

I’m currently doing a warhammer themed one, so I guess 40k would be the next logical one.


For me this piece by Adrian Smith .


Timothy Archer:

this one for me





There are a lot of worthy pieces, some already touched upon above. Blanche’s knight springs to mind, among many candidates. Personally, though, the primary focus in fantasy has never been on the ordinary human side of things, neither on demons nor on undead nor monsters of myth nor gods nor doomsday clashes. For me, the core of fantasy has always been about the spectacular brawl of Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs & Goblins, forged by Tolkien and sharpened by Warhammer. To me, these artworks are what Warhammer is all about, with Sigmar, Nagash and the like some kind of neat sideshow in the backdrop (the HE archer art was on the box my brother bought, which got us into the hobby in the first place). If only one has to be chosen, it is the 6th edition Dwarf army book cover, without a shred of doubt:



As for 40k, there are a slew of worthies, some already pointed to above. To me, it’s usually those art pieces which are not only strong in composition and intricately well-crafted, but shows a very weird universe that speaks the strongest. The cover of Blind is pretty neat in this respect, but not strong enough to be iconic. Blanche’s Mechanicum is great, but not on top.
The 3rd edition Eldar codex cover art is strong like few others. The 4th ed Space Marine codex’ cover deserves a mention, despite power armour in battle scene (not usually a strong contender at all). The Inquisitor cover is neat. So is Blanche’s Sister of Battle. With Adrian Smith’s face-off between the Emperor and Horus already mentioned, the Battlefleet Gothic cover art by John Blance might be my pick for most iconic 40k artwork:



Without doubt anything 4th ed for me, I was just floored when I found this box as a teen…