[Archive] most successful deployment formations

Da Crusha:

I like to field a sea of green army and I often deploy my units with hobgobbos leading the way and behind them some orcs and at the end ussually some cd’s, typically I like to rely on bait and switch tactics, while ignoring panic from lesser greenskins that flee through them. ussually my army is very tight together with 3 or 4 small units of naked hobgobbos leading the way and it spreads out a little bit as we advance together. but I don’t win much with cd’s.

I have noticed that some people that do have success with cd’s usually deploy or move into a bowl formation where the army consists of few green units that are intermittently placed along the line with the bottom of the “bowl” close to your table edge.

what sort of formation do you employ that is most successful?


It really depends on the opponent!

I do not have a standard succesfull deployment.

My “rule of thumb” is:

I have three expensive infantry units, Black Orcs, 20 Orcs and 23 warriors block (warbanner and sometimes Bull centaur Bsb inside), two expendable (15 blunderbusses, yes expendable, nobody expects you to use them as baiters :wink: ) and cannon fodder… aka hobgoblins :smiley:

Normally hobgoblins act as shooting screens and speed bumpers, so fast forward. I love to use two big blocks of 25 hobgoblins and movethem fast forward against gun lines. It’s extra funny to see 3-4 blocks of dwarfs shooting at them! Ehehehhe, they cover my precious bull centaurs and black orcs. If I know they are not useful neither to bait neither as screens, well one of the is placed behind a forest/hill or look for a convenient spot for 100 points of a table quarter :slight_smile:

Orcs are next to my general, it’s amazing to have Ld 10 orcs!

Warriors could be independent, in some situations they can even hold a flank by themselves. Being a point sink they normally have the bsb nearby, just to act as the perfect tarpit!

One nice trick is to place a warmachine, like a rocket or even a shaker, in a far corner of the deployment, like a refused flank. It is safe from most shooting and enemies need two-three turns to get it. It’s nice when a regiment of marauders on horses waste three turns to get rid of a single death rocket and spent the rest of the battle in a distant corner… well, against fliers it could be not such a great advantage.


Due to the slow movement of the CD I tend to favor a defensive setup and let the enemy come to me, which can take a while thanks to the Earthshaker.  If playing against Dwarfs then it’s now fairly even movement-wise and the offensive can be taken more readily.

I generally have a very hard center consisting of a block of 23 warriors with my General and BSB in it and keep any Orc and Hobgoblin blocks within 12" of the general.  Out front of the main army are some “naked” Hobgoblins which not only serve as a screen, but they can also get in the way if ignored too long.  Just ask my friend who’s unit of cavalry fled from my Taurus and right into 10 points of Hobgoblins.  Fast units like the wolf riders and bull centaurs guard the flanks.

Thanks to the Wolf Riders, Bull Centaurs, and  Taurus we do have some fast moving troops, but nothing substantial enough to make me want to leave the main army behind unless I see an easy target.  Sure, the Orcs and Hobgoblins can move 4", right up till they roll animosity, and even if you do get away their low leadership means they are just going to run off the table.


In all honesty… There isnt one… as each game is different… there is also the attage of “The Best laid plans never survive contact with the enemy.”