[Archive] Mouthwatering Chaos Dwarf Rumour


I was just kind of hoping that if they’re going to start doing a push for CD later this year they might actually release some CD ships for Man o’ War as a kind of gateway drug for when the full Fantasy CD army gets re-released.

I think it would be a clever thing for GW to do, personally, assuming that they are re-releasing CD (or for that matter, Man o’ War).


i think they should make some films of their own to market themselves a bit better. everyone has always looked at fantasy gaming as a taboo - a dungeons and dragons roleplay type geeky pastime. some really good films utilising the advent of CGI / computer animation could be made at a cheap price and reach new audiences dispelling popular misconceptions about the hobby. the dawn of war game has done well for them why not bring the action to a larger screen. and also if they hadnt f****ed up warhammer online im certain that would be more popular than world of warcraft by now . this is the 21st century they need to think past the models and magazines and get with the times . otherwise by the time they do re release Chaos Dwarfs - they will be on the verge of going under


and also if they hadnt f****ed up warhammer online
What are you talking about? Warhammer Online isn't even out yet and wont be out for another 6 months at best. We know barely nothing about it, and what I have seen so far looks fantastic. How can you say they screwed it up?


GW isn’t going under, their stock price could drop, but they are still raking in the cash. I bring your attention once again to the charts.

I think i jus figgured out why, look at this and think why there finaly giving us something new


not looking to good with the big GW is it

Depends how you look at it:

Sure that looks kind of bad, right? Wow, GW is in trouble…


When you look at it this way, there isn’t much to complain about, unless you are a shareholder. Hehe.

I know we have been getting off topic a bit, so if you want to continue the Warhammer Online discussion, make a topic in the Off-Topic section. :slight_smile:


I think IamAhobgoblin was talking about the origonal warhammer online, which was a complete failure

back on topic, GW bosses are upsett about sales losses, since i get my supperiors ringing up randomly moaning that where not selling enough of [insert somethin here] and if we don’t buck up sales the companys gonna go under

my only sollace with the GW phone recently was someone ordering a bull centaur body last friday


My bro-in-law quit as manager because of pressure from above.


The dip is probablly down to lord of the rings hype dying down, but also don’t forget that since 6th edition Warhammer came out, the following fantasy re-releases have been made: Empire (twice), Orcs and Goblins (twice), Dwarfs (twice), Vampire Counts, Dark Elves, High Elves, Skaven, Hordes of Chaos, Khemri, Lizardmen, Beasts of Chaos, Bretonians, Wood Elves - with ogre kingdoms the only new release. There’s only so much you can do with each miniatures range, so some new releases were bound to be on the cards.


I spoke with Phil Kelly (he was on polish team championships). He said that VC will be the first in row, then probably DE. As for our CDs, they are to be completly changed and done from scratch. He wouldn’t say anything more, but declared himself as a member of the hat lobby.


I have a feeling that the new Chaos Dwarfs are going to shove myself and all other Hobgoblin fans off the cliff.

I have serious reservations against them pulling stuff together and being able to churn out two potentially cool but very distinctly different races at the same time that can/should intertwine into a single army.


It shouldn’t be that hard.

Plenty of races have elite infantry and cheap cannon fodder infantry.

The CD cannon fodder just happens to be a different species, but apart from that they’re not really that different to most other armies.



Sure sales are still healthy, but the pre-tax profit (which is the important one) is down. That resulted in an $0.11 drop in single share value, which some companinies held over 20million shares. That is a lot of money to lose in one go, and should it decide to pull the plug, GW will be in the deep, brown and smelly.


It shouldn't be that hard.
Plenty of races have elite infantry and cheap cannon fodder infantry.
The CD cannon fodder just happens to be a different species, but apart from that they're not really that different to most other armies.

That attitude is exactly my point.
No evil berserking wolf riders, no hobhounds, no shamans controling wind daemons, no sneaky assassins, no deadly archers...
Just.. naked little infantry things to be shot at, may as well be Gnobblars for all the difference it makes.

That would absolutely suck and those asking 'hey, can I make a fast infantry army' or 'can an all hobgoblin army be made' are going to be shoved away.


I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going to be in the new list. For all we know everything you asked for above will be there.


I don't think anyone really knows what's going to be in the new list. For all we know everything you asked for above will be there.

Or they may totally F' up the entire list or decide to drop units. I can easily see them ditching both monsters and dropping the hobgoblins all together. This is just a guess but the prospect of GW redoing the CD list is as depressing as it is exciting. Why? Because I have the sneaking suspicion that because it hasn't been updated in so long, that the list now will look NOTHING like it does now. Plus it will be a perfect opportunity for GW to ditch units under the banner of "Well they didn't work in the past, blah, blah blah". No CDs didn't work in the past for 2 reasons:

1) Most people hated the figures (sorry hatters)
2) GW very rarely if ever featured them after about WD#180, or even talked about them.

Note neither of these two reasons have anything in the slightest to do with a bad army composition or a bad range of troops.

That being said if Phil Kelly does the army I have total faith in him to make it kick-butt. If he get saddled with that sniveling, lame ass, butt weasel know as Jake Thorton I will go postal. Why? Ask any High elf player. He so totally eviscerated the High Elf list in 6th that he is widely reviled as teh worst writer at GW by almost any HE player. Lastly it seems that it was his "brainfart" otherwise known as the Intrigue at Court rule that made it into the 6th edition book. GRRRRR :mad:

My one hope is that when it is time they listen to our input as we are the only ones playing CD. I highly doubt anyone at CW plays them, at least regularly.

Simply my .0000000002 cents :)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I for one am glad that wie will soon get some solid fluff, some rules clarificiations and models that we can buy, whilst still being able to convert them. yes, some of the list will be nerfed, but that’s always going to happen. We won’t get everything we want, but I don’t mind. Also, another piece of info, I looked at the WHFRP expansion, Old World Bestiary, and have decided I have GOT to get it. It had CDs, BCs and Hobgoblins in. May have the mounts too. Not sure as of yet :smiley:


For a sneak as to GW’s thoughts simply look at the dwarf book and the upcoming High Elves army book. CDs will get an elite infantry option ala longbeards and Lothern Sea Guard. CD infantry will most likely have the same option.

Traitor King:

You mean, like an upgrade allowing you do make a unit of warriors Immortals?

(Note that orcs have this aswell, with Big’uns as do Chaos with Chosen).

Whats the problem with that?


You mean, like an upgrade allowing you do make a unit of warriors Immortals?
(Note that orcs have this aswell, with Big'uns as do Chaos with Chosen).

Whats the problem with that?

Traitor King

I have no problem with this and it represents a logical step for whatever GW ends up calling CD elite infantry.

I'm also willing to bet that CD figures in the new model range will be non-hats for 2 reasons:

1) the look of the models in the past severely hurt sales? Want proof? Who was the only army to get neglected in 5th & 6th? CDs were rare before hand, there had to bean explanation; it sure wasn't the army list, its one of the thoughest out there.

2) While no means set in stone look at the crew of the Hellcannon...



I would assume that in a rewrite of the CD list the large terror causers might take an additional hero slot, but wouldnt go away. Hobgobs would likely go up in price but come stock with shield, and likely get more options like spears.

I would think blunderbuss rules would change as they are so unusual now, maybe something like the ogres, say an artilery dice per rank of shots with no penalty for range. (this would be an improvement vs cav/ogres)

Dwarfs didn’t get screwed up in the last rewrite, they are actually quite capable of being downright hard. I have no worries that a rewrite wouldn’t benefit us greatly, while balancing certain things, like making earthshaker 0-1.


Possible on all accounts.

The lack of spears for hobbos is indeed puzzling.