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Since I collect models from most armies (I intend in the future to have a full army of every single Fantasy force, including several homebrew ones, and OOP ones)

So these are my projects for non-Chaos Dwarf stuff, I’ll make a separate thread for my CD’s

First is my homemade Undead Elephant, since I bought a Necrosphynx recently, and have the Warsphinx bits left, as I can’t magnetize well I decided to simply make a new model

I found the following Mammoth Skeleton set in my old toy box from when I was little

I couldn’t find the jaw and the dog tried to eat one of the tusks, but I put it on an old base, and plan to attach a howdah and some Khemerian stuff. Basically an old Araby elephant that was cut down in battle some time ago


That’s a neat idea - and the size seems perfect.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with this!


This is going to be really cool to see when its done.


Also - elephant skulls look weirdly cyclopean, due to the trunk. I’ve always been tempted to do something like this with a gigantic single eye in place of where the trunk should be, and a big, toothy maw.

Jeez. I may be looking for plastic mammoth skeletons this weekend…


It looks quite large to me but I guess that would just add to it’s domination of the battlefield. Kind of like a mammoth. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


I feel the need to say, I have zero skill with greenstuff, or plasticard, my conversions are very simple, get more bitz, stick them on and cut them with small clippers

That being said, this is what I managed

I hope it’s not too horrible, I plan to paint the whole thing and hopefully won’t wreck it completely lol

I might take the bits off the head, dunno, what do you think?


That looks very cool. Kind of like an undead version of the stonehorn or something like that. Well done.


That looks awesome! simple but effective substitute model.

I could never do something that good


Lol, I’m sure you could, all I needed to do was cut the howdah down the center with a pair of kitchen scissors and then glue other bits on at will, and avoid gluing my fingers to it, the only bits that were really difficult was getting the howdah to stick to the mammoth, but found a way to balance the creature on it’s side using Hellsing DVDs


Nice idea and coming along very well!


Gonna have to wait a bit, I need to save up for a new spray paint as it ran out after only doing the mammoth’s head, and had to just fix my laptop which had a problem where it wouldn’t recharge

As a kind of apology, here’s a pic of my next painting project (excluding my Chaos Dwarf Tower, and Fishmen), my Necrosphynx

I also plan to do some proper group pics of all my armies once I finish painting all the black stuff (which aside from my Gnoblars, shouldn’t take too long I hope)

Also some homebrew fluff for two characters, a new unit and an Ogre Tribe’

Orcs: Gazrad Flesh’Eata

Many moons ago one black Orc dared to challenge the mighty Warboss Grimgor Ironhide for control of his Waaaagh!. While many have tried, this orc managed something no other ever had, after the fight between them the orc boss, Gazrad Blud’Eye lay, broken upon the ground and hurled into the Squiggadon pens, but for reasons unknown the Squiggadons cowered at the sight of him. Some say they recognized the intense bloodlust within this individual, while others claim that Gork (or possibly Mork) himself lowered a hand to protect this favored servant, though most agree it was the intense stench that surrounded Gazrad from his extreme lack of hygiene, even for an orc.

Whatever the case Gazrad was left within the pens as the Waaagh moved onwards, slowly beginning to recuperate, eating whatever insects and small animals that he could catch in his weakened state. It was only much later he was found, another much smaller tribe, the Deff Teefs, found him, and like all true Orcs would charged him with the intention to slaughter him. He was tired and he lacked any weapons beyond the bones of a deer carcass he had found, but hunger spurred him on.

This was when his title as the legendary Flesh’Eata was established, with savage fury and a hunger to match any ogre he set upon the smaller orcs with bone, tooth and savage fury, uncaring of the wounds that he suffered, slaughtering indiscriminately the small group of orcs, tearing through their ranks to their boss Arrin Mold’toof, tearing his throat out with his own teeth before feasting upon their corpses.

This act of savage and wild aggression clearly pleased Gork and Mork for it was not long afterwards when he came across the stragglers from a large orc tribe nearly razed by warriors of the Empire, stragglers who he beat into submission, subjugated and took command of, killing their leader and ordering his warriors to feast upon his rival’s still warm flesh.

For years now Gazrad has lead his band of savage cannibals across the lands of the old world, killing and feasting indiscriminately , all the while awaiting the time when he would once more find Grimgor, and feast upon the mighty orcs soft flesh’.

‘Gnoblar Hordes: Grub Nubblet

Gnoblars are possibly the most cowardly race to ever enter the fields of battle, and most of the time while being subjugated by the mighty warriors of the Ogre Kingdoms, but every now and again there is a Gnoblar who bucks the trend.

Grub Nubblet was not only incredibly brave for his kind he was incredibly sneaky, it is whispered among his servants that he was once enslaved in the forges of the Chaos Dwarfs, and while there was taught by the Hobgoblin slaves, worshippers of the Cult of the Git, a dark cult of sneaky backstabbing greenskins who worshiped the deceptive Supreme Git. Whatever the case is, Grub Nubblet was first known to exist as a normal gnoblar servant within the armies of Therorgl Snowtooth, of the Frostmaw Tribe. It was only after raiding the tunnels of a night goblin stronghold he struck.

It is unknown how he managed it, but Grub managed to fill the butcher’s cauldrons with mad cap mushrooms as well as meat, and while this had little effect on the ogres it made all the Gnoblars who tasted it go wild, in the chaos caused by this sudden rebellion Grub managed to sneak round to the cages where Therorgl kept the Gorgers and the Giant he had captured and enslaved, releasing the giant’s chains and opening the cages, the Gorgers savagely attacked the ogres while the giant made a desperate bid for freedom, and at the end of the day only Grub and a few of his kin remained alive within the tunnels.

Grub’s rebellion became legendary within the Gnoblars, and many an enslaved greenskin flocked to his banner. His bravery and craftiness are legendary, and many an ogre would give his arm to be able to crush this renegade beneath their heel, yet for so long they have tried and failed. Rumors abound as to how Grub continues to elude the Ogres, some claim the Supreme Git has blessed him, others say he has created a treaty with the Skaven to keep the Ogres from becoming too powerful and many believe Grub is a reincarnation of Morgo, the Gnoblar warboss from centuries past who was said to have led the Gnoblars against their previous masters in the East.

Whatever the case may be Grub Nubblet remains a thorn in the side of the Ogre Kingdoms, with his ever growing legions of followers’


My own background bits:

'Orcs and Goblins: Squiggadons

The Squiggadon is one of the largest of the species of Squigs. These Gargantuan creatures are larger than even the mighty Arachnaroks, their form huge and hulking, like a dinosaur of the lizardmen armies, with a large and well fortified howdah placed upon the top and ridden in by only the toughest of orcs. Their upper bodies and jaws are oft covered in the thickest and strongest armor the tribes can provide.

These mighty beasts are rare, and only the strongest of Orc tribes can hope to capture one of these savage beasts and survive, and even then they are near impossible to train, and must be restrained at all times, only unleashed during battle.During one of Grimgor Ironhide’s most recent campaigns his Waaagh! was seen to have successfully captured four of these beasts

‘Ogre Kingdoms: The Frostmaw Tribe

The Frostmaw tribe of the snowy northlands gained their name for their ritual for young Ogres to come of age. They are made to eat their own bodyweight in ice, and those that do not survive are eaten at the next great feast. Due to their icy diet their skin takes on a deep blue pallor and an immunity to the cold, fighting with ease in the most freezing of conditions.

Lead by the great tyrant Tremas Freezefist since the tribe was all but annihilated after Grub Nubblet’s rebellion, they roam the snowy peaks, slowly growing in might, continuing to threaten all those that would come near their mountain peaks.

The Frostmaw tribe’s other claim to fame is the fact that there are an enormous number of Yhetees joining their armies, who appear to see the blue skinned frost warriors as kin in some way. The Frostmaw tribe slowly grows towards it’s old might, ruling the snow with an iron fist’


Nice pieces of fluff. Quite well written too.

Can’t wait to see all the models representing those characters and beasts.

Also great idea with the mammoth’s skeleton. Would be great to have a comparison size shot next to the necrosphinx. Thank you

Kera foehunter:

Wow !! I like that !! and I’m not much of an undead army person


I know that the painting sucks on the Mammoth, unfortunately for some reason my Bleached Bone is extremely splotchy, and always leaves bits of black, for some reason it can’t seem to be helped, and it applies to the three different pots of teh stuff I have

Here’s those Scale pics people asked for:



My next project was going to be Daemons (I’ve received a battleforce, but I’d rather build up one of my existing armies, so looking to trade it for some other stuff, I’d kinda like assembled stuff, to paint. So if anyone’s interested)


I sense that people think my painting of the mammoth is crap (just like I do), but don’t want to offend lol

Anyway, this is my converted Gnoblar Warboss, Grub Nubblet:

And my three Forge World Rhinoxes:


heres the mammoth “before the meteor hit” shot



Guessing the meteor hit off the main tusks

Also the reason the Rhinox on the left’s mouth is red and the ogre on top’s face is messed up is the two got into a bit of a disagreement