[Archive] Music Ideas, What do you like to listen to?


I DJ once in awhile, and always look for music. And as i have a few set s coming up in mid-October and Halloween. I need some suggestions, I play everything, but mostly Glam rock (David Bowie, Jobriath, etc…), obscure 80s, and some modern synthpop indie stuff, oh and international punk.

So ideas please…


hey buddy,

I love music.

I would like to listen pop and rock music.


For Halloween, I think Electric Frankenstein would be excellent.

Also on the punk side, check out Tiny Elvis. I don’t listen to much punk these days, and never really liked the other stuff you mentioned.

Kera foehunter:

Dread Zepplin that would kick up the texas to step !!


Iron maiden



Axel Rudi Pell, and many more


ooo electric frankenstein, those guys are fun. I saw them a few years back. I might have to put in the playlist.

Dread Zepplin are funny, i almost forgot about them. added. I’ll play a green jelly song or something on the lines humourous at least couple times a night to crack a few smiles.

Thanks guys, i will use these ideas to get alittle more diversity in the set.


Humorous stuff:

Satan’s Trampoline by Lawnmower Deth

Libene Organzenpflagenzung by Reckless Tide

Batman by Voivod

The Muppet Song by Skin


I love listening to the Jazz and Hip hop Music.


Well uhm there would be only one appropriate answer to this:

drumroll METAL ^.^ and then especially uhm folk metal, pagan metal, celtic metal, viking metal, melodic death metal and black metal ^^


I love listening to the hip hop music. I love to hear the songs of Shakira.


“There’s a she-wolf in the closet…”

Dead Kennedy:

Some old or new Misfits would always be a solid bet. “Lost in Space” comes to mind. I’m always a sucker for a Misfits tune.