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Here�s a silly question.

Ever wonder how CD music sound? (Assuming that they care for it).


better quality than tape and more compact than vinyl :slight_smile:

I would assume it would be all about the singing, beer fuelled shouting and stamping of feet.

Thommy H:

Low, resonant dirges.

Why is this in the rules forum?

Uzkul Werit:

Now That’s What I Call Slavery: 45! (Your 45 favourite enslaving tunes sang by the Zharr Naggrund Choir and the Whip Quartet. Includes such hits as ‘I’m not going to Survive’ and ‘Can I play with Hashut?’)


Low, resonant dirges.

Thommy H
With big-ass organs :P...


I think they’d listen to Die Krupps.



Devo with whip it ,also anything by iron maiden

Lord Zarkov:

Hmm not sure where to out this, background or general cd discussion…; probably general

anyways, I would imagine they go for dark and moody music with lots of lound noise;

Traitor King:

Sweet Slave o Mine - Blunderbusses and Roses :stuck_out_tongue:

Other wise, something low and dark.

Thats if they actully have time to bother with music… why waste valuable slavin’ time?


Slave to you - Prickly Spears

I’m In Chains - Tina ‘Death’ Arena

Slave House Rock - Delvis Preciously

Death Rocket Man - Meltin’ John

Everybody wants to mine the world - Tears for Fears for Years and Years


Boulevard of broken Dawi

The dodgy puns contiue…

Uzkul Werit:

Driving in My Tenderizer - Badness :smiley:


Tbh I think it would be like old assyrian or mesopotamian music (whatever that sounded like) with pipes and string instruments.

It would be very different from the dwarven music Im guessing.

- Tallhat


Think of Dwarven singing with more curseing and fistfights.

I just have to post this though, its definatly what orcs sing on a beer fuelled night, http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-M6gssKd7yY .


Working in the Coal Mine - Devo :hat

C’mon. Devo pioneered the big hat/ziggurat look…


Working in the Coal Mine - Devo :hat

C'mon. Devo pioneered the big hat/ziggurat look...


- Tallhat


We are Devo. Are we not men?


For some reason, I can’t stop thinking of dawi doing a haka. You know, shouting, stomping, scary faces, NZ all blacks style :slight_smile:


i wonder what kind of music slaanesh worshipping chaos dwarves listen to . . . . now that would just be weird.

heres an odd though - a chaos dwarven bondage club.


Torn, for your information, I’ve just removed my head and fried it with garlic to purge my mind of that image. I hope you’re happy that you’ve killed a young dwarf general. Shame on you with your discusting BDSM dawi zharr. :wink: