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So my weak search-fu has disappointed me once again (as did my wireless internet eventually: so nice to lose my connection after a fruitless 10-minute wait for my pages to load). Aaaaaanyway…

I’ve been pondering about the sorceror from a fluff/rulewise point-of-view, and I was hoping you guys could shed some light on the question I had. Well, still have, really.

- Has there been a rule where the stone curse acts upon the sorceror?

For instance: there’s a level 1 sorceror, basic stat lines. Movement 3. No biggie. Would it work to punish you sorceror with a -M1 for every level-upgrade, combining this with an increasing Scaly Skin Save?

So you’d get:

Level 1: M3, SS0

level 2: M2, SS1

Level 3: M1, SS2

Level 4: M0/M-, SS3.

Has this been done before, and if so: where can i put my face in shame for not finding the answer?


I think it has been suggested, or something similar has been done, but I can’t remember who did it. I shamelessly stole the idea for my CD army list (not on the site, just my personal one) and had the Sorcerer Lord as immobile (M0) but mounted on a Palanquin (like Shieldbearers).

Overall, I think having one dude with M2 would just be a collossal pain in the arse. I think its better if the Lvl 1s and 2s could still walk about fine and the lvl3s and 4s were mounted on something; at least it seems more practical that way.

Thommy H:

I did it, Baggronor. You stole it off me :mad

Although, I’ll call it even since you let me use so much of your artwork for my book. Dropping an inch of movement per level would be problematic, as Baggronor says, because it would cripple units that included them. It’s a bigger weakness than it looks. Also, if you look at the Ravening Hordes list, you’ll see that the Sorcerer Lord drops a point of Initiative compared to the regular Sorcerer, which I would assume represents their increasing petrification.

The Scaly Skin save is something I did in my book, with Sorcerers getting 6+, Sorcerer Lords 5+, Ghorth 4+ and Astragoth 3+.

Time of Madness:

As the other have said it wouldn’t make sense to have a sorcerer with less movement then basic troops.

Lately I’ve been including my level 2 sorcerers as part of my war machine crews. So less M wouldn’t make a difference to my level 2’s.

Time of Madness

Thommy H:

I don’t think it wouldn’t make sense, I just think it would be incredibly prohibitive. You’d have to put them in a unit you had no plans to actually do much with or leave them wandering around on their own to be picked off by any wandering skirmisher or flyer. Essentially, they’d always need a dedicated bodyguard unit to function. A Sorcerer Lord with M 0 and the option (or requirement) to be carried around on something works though, because it’s effectively just flavour.


I did it, Baggronor. You stole it off me
Argh, sorry Thommy. I only steal good stuff ;)


Thanks for the swift reply, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah, the idea of a palanquin or shieldbearers was something that crossed my mind as well, both from (I guess I saw it in Thommy H’s idea somewhere) a fluff-wise perspective as well as an essential aspect of game-play. Oh well, back to the drawing-board then… or the gaming-board, maybe.


As a matter of fact, Chaos Dwarf sorcerers (as player characters!) have this rule in the Warhammer Fantasy RPG, see the book “Tomb of Corruption”: