[Archive] Mutant beasts as slaves


So I’ve been thinking about this rain of warpstone that’s fallen on the dark lands in the end times, plus watching Battle of 5 Armies and it’s got me thinking…

There must be a lot of mutant creatures wondering around in the dark lands now, some of them will be psychotic and/or blobs of useless flesh.

Others may serve a purpose in the CD army, like those giant troll creatures the orcs have in Bo5A. I’m thinking especially of the siege giant and armoured ones that attack the reformed Dwarf line.



Have seen the Bo5A just yesterday and I like the idea.

Nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I saw the one battering down the wall with his amored head!


How about having a steam truck full of gibbering horrors that can be unleashed on the foe? Something like this, just more steampunk and with mutants instead of squigs.


I’ve always had ideas about myriads of odd creatures being available for use. I don’t often worry about them being mutated too much as I’d not be inclined to use them.

And I too loved the Battering Ram Troll and how he fell over afterwards


After seeing the new Rat Ogre things I’m thinking of converting them into some kind of warmachine. For example the Magma Cannon, instead of it being mounted on a steam train I’ll have it carried around by a huge mutated hobgoblin :stuck_out_tongue:

How I love my twisted imagination!