[Archive] my 1st chaos dwarf� � (bfsp thane)


This guy was converted from my bfsp thane. As you can prob tell i was inspired partly by the bfsp conversion videos :slight_smile:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Very good for a first one!

Kera foehunter:

sweet now you need to make him a army to lead


lots of stuff went wrong and i learnt a lot from doing and re doing and re doing it so turned out scruffy in alot of places, so my next one should turn out alot better.


dont worry i will be following in your foot steps as i have ordered 48 BFSP dwarfs ans a thane so i will be in the same boat :slight_smile:


the axe head swap and beard seem actually good, i dont think they are scruffy at all. the sheild would have been beter having the dwarf symbols just sliced or filed off, rather than blobbing putty onto it, unless thats what you have done and you silver paint is just very blobby, in which case i apolagise and recommend getting new paint.

also am i mistaken in thinking you have made his armour plate instead of chain? if so well done.


originaly i was gona put spikes on the shield but i put them on at the start which was just stupid so kept knocking them off the blobbing. is layer upon layer of super glue. i have a picture of him when i had hacked away at the plastic if you want me to put it up and when i get a chance i will file away at the shield to get rid of that look.


Pretty sweet! Man, I still love that mask! :smiley:

I’d add a dark wash to that silver shield and perhaps give it a design!


Excellent first try, are you planning on doing more or is this a one off thing?


well i am unsure how i am going to convert the rest, so perhaps after some careful planning i will do the rest of bfdp dwarves, and i finished this guy at like 4am so in my tiredness i thought he was finnished. Later tonight i will do the final touch ups including sorting out that shield.


This guy was converted from my bfsp thane. As you can prob tell i was inspired partly by the bfsp conversion videos :)

Hey mate - cheers for that idea, I have been around that idea my self. But my version was put on hold, because I have problems making his tusks - and was thinking about using a mask (the one you are using is the main theme of my army;)) but now I can see it might not be what I want for my lord - not that your job is bad, not at all. I just don't like it for my own Lord - ehmm sense mine is wearing a hat :hat

But still - keep them coming, good work :)
I really like to see some warriors of yours.

Cheers Merchant :cheers


Good work but I’d give the shield an inkwash or file it down a bit more. Other than that very well done to get the beard right first time


wow, great work mate. Like the way you’ve parted the beard so nice and cleanly. Good solid conversion. Maybe darken the silver on the shield but besides that keep it up!


For a first effort that is really impressive.

You must be pleased with how the mask turned out.