[Archive] my 3 monster list

richard barby:

so one guy that can thunderstomp is good why not try 3. im building this list for some compeitive games this weekend i have paid to enter 2 weekend tournie’s for the new year both a based on the scgt pack (i think thats south coast GT).

my big hope is not to run in to to many dwarf and empire armies im sure that speaks for its self.

lord level 4 upgrade lore of shadow earthingrod and and 4 up ward save on a bale taurus

hero castellan bsb great weapon and 4 up ward save from loa book.

level1 fire mage callaice of blood and darkness

3 hobgoblin karns on wolves

1 hobgoblin karn on foot with a shield

32 infernal guard full command

28 archers full command

1 death rocket

1 hellcannon

1 kadi destroyer

tiny army and i always get out deployed but my generally high speed army can pull some of that back

had my first game against high elves and got a win by 600 points the army i was up against was

3x10 archers

2 eagles

2 bolt throwers

30 spears

30 guard

levels 1 and 4 lore of high elves

2 lion chariots

2 heros with great weapons

i felt i got the better of the first 2 turns i got a big hit on the spears with my death rocket killing 15, set up my karns to take or flee charges to allow me to get a bit combo charge off on to the guard with the 2 great weapon heros in . if it had come off i would of gone through 1 loin chariot with the mage in to the flank of the guard the other flank with the hellcannon and the destoyer in to the front. it did not work out that way at all. one chariot runs away to i redirect in to the other one, the hell cannon failes its charge on the bolt thrower and an eagle and over ran in front of the destoryer and it blocked up my charge even when it ran from terror (epic fail)

this is followed by the hellcannon gettting killed by 2 single bolts from the bt,s the destroyer losing 3 wounds after i make the mistake of declare a charge then do its burning bright test (lose 3 wounds ) charge the guard and pop (4 up wards suck )

plans going downhill like a car with no brakes. still bsb, fire mage and infernal guard to rescue they take out the rest of the spear block an eagleand last turn flanked the bloody guard and drove them off the table , same guard who did reform after fighting my destroyer and flanked my lord

end of the game i had lost

3 karns

1 fire mage

1 death rocket



and the hellcannon

high elves lost

bsb and the other hero


1 archer unit

2 eagles

2 lion chariots

spear block

Groznit Goregut:

Hey, I do have some bad news. Your lvl 4 cannot go with Shadow magic. It’s only Hashut, Death, Fire, or Metal.

Also, the Hobgoblin heroes are called Khans…like the Mongols.

How do you feel the Chalice did instead of a Dispel Scroll?

richard barby:


shadow is my mistake he has death on him works well, maybe i was thinking back to the days of the indy list

chalice is great im almost tempted to be greedy and drop the earthing rod and take the scroll on my level 4

i kind of see the chalice as stopping people cast 3 spells a game when they run out of dice. Im playing a very good bret player tomorrow night

richard barby:

Played the bret player about 2 weeks ago now. It was a funny game we have played twice in the last month with one win each both times the player who won should of lost. This time i lost it was all looking so good for about 3 turns it went down hill when my level 4 lost 1 level and them lost the last 3 the spells that i got off (the only ones all game) both did nothing. i pulled the heroic killing blow bret king out of a unit chasing my kadi cast fate or bujina on him i was thinking roll a 7 gets 3 hits may kill him any more than that the odds are really good i should get him rolled a big 4. this was followed by the same lore killing bolwing 1 kadi 1 taurus and 1 mage lord (i didnt need them anyway) :slight_smile: big loss in the end 1500 points worth. still i finish the year against him 1 all and he is the riegning master take it and be happy.

also we had beer and pizza take that and be happy as well

2 days later same list at my local club i ran in to a lizardmen player who had poison everywhere and a lore of death lord in a big bunker of saururs also 2 heros on coldones with fire wards. looking at this i was pushing something uphill right from word go
played a smart player twin fleeing all game through other units leaving my unable to catch anything i first tunr picked off 2 units of camo skinks and collected a third later on along with some smaller chaff units, the 3 rider heros did really well in this game but poison fire wards and lore master death i lord kadi mage lord and his ride and both chaos dwarf heros. i could of sat in a corner behind the warriors 2 wide and played for a closer game but i went for a win and his turn 2 i had got my kadi 1 inch from his bunker unit by skipping round chaff units and he had to roll a 9 to make a charge on it with a fire ward hero (he did) other wise toad and saurus block would of had to take a charge to the face from the destoryer he could of collected them and staied out the way of all the poison

in the end about 1000 points difference andi had taken on only 10 or so models to about 60 of his

richard barby:

monday this week i had a game to get my mojo back after 2 shockers i played a woodelf player at his place really nice guy who was nice enough to bring a list i had little to fear (thanks nik) (for fun i took fire on the lord)

he had 3 big shooting units 2 normal and one of 10 waywatchers 2 shooty heros a lore of beasts level 4 (amber spear) eagle rider unit eagle on its own glade riders big unit of wild riders ten strong 16 dryads in a forest and a fire ward hero on a stag.

we played meeting engagement i lost 2 wolfrider heros and the destroyer off till turn one. woody player lord level 4 one of his heros some archers he had twice the points off the table than i did by far.

my first turn after vanguards i had a belter glade ryders shot down by the hobgoblins all dead fireball clips 2 wild ryders hellcannon 3 more followed up with the death rocket killing the stag hero before it even moved. sweet start

he shraged his wilf ryders into the hellcannon with 10 he would of hoped to kill it with 5 left he was hoping to hold it up for a bit and hurt it. he shoots lots kills nothing loses most of his wild ryders one left. destroyer smash face in to dryads i was hoping 2 turns to kill them so i can turn to face heaps of archers ready to charge in my turn 3 i kill heaps and hes out of bsb range by steadfast and fails i run him down but out of the fight for 2 turns, kill the last wild ryder turn to start shooting again.

by thid point the games just about in the bag im up by heaps and im starting to move in on his archers or so i thought. amber spear is gold his turn 2 phew dead hellcannon turn 3 phew dead destoryer point and click. still the rest of the game was my running after archers i left him with war hawkes level4 and archer unit and i lost the death rocket and 1 hero further

1300 point win but watch out for amber spear

not sure when my next game is but i think ogres mid week could be on the cards but back to lore of death fire was funny but its no game winner. Im really keen to see the ogres there painted like frost giants from thor

richard barby:

3 more games with the boys 2 wins and a draw all against ogre kingdoms( funny how that worked out)

game one everything that could go right did go right we played blood and glory i broke him on my turn 2 played out the game tabled him for a deathrocket and a wolf rider

quick game 2 vs the same player watchtower big purple sun took out most of 2 units of ogres i had a unit in the watchtower but had lost my destoryer to a iron blaster everything was going for another easy win till my level 4 got amber speared off his ride and for the life of my i could not finish off the last 2 wounds on a big unit of maneaters and a unit of iron guts ran round collecting some points off me (death rocket level 1 and hell cannon ) baby win in the end sloppy play by me but the guy i played was heaps better in game 2

game 3 2 days later, thought i was going to play tk,s but ogres again no worrys early games doom and darkness was gold in combo with the destroyer helped me break a choppy unit of maneaters and slow down his stupid level 4 (not sure what item it is but makes you stupid) game was going great in the bag till i pushed my luck with a death rocket shot and i scattered on to my lord killing him and the bale taurus 700 point swing he was about to call it and have a look at a flames game. wheels came off the bus held on for a draw.

in all 3 games i felt it was a really good match up for the 3 monsters and lore death

richard barby:

copied this from my clubs forum really good weekend

great weekend highlight by miles rob giving me his car keys to do a beer run after knowing my for less than 2 mintues closely followed by being there when someone a new nikname (you know who you are but what goes on tour stays on tour)

and that was just friday night

6 good games 4 on sat and 2 on sun

good results from my games 2nd by a point to rion but he beat me so no issues from me.

game 1 paul fog of war heaps of ogres and some chaff running round the sides basicly picked up the chaff lost not very much and lord was a boss with the purple sun and passing his break test at the right time 2 turns in a row 15-5

game 2 blood and glory vs rion picked up his bsb early for my destoyer pack rules break emermy first 11-9 threw everything at his general to win it could not kill him lost by heaps 1-19 sad face

game 3 skaven bell furnace hpa wlc doom wheel and stilll heaps of rats (meeting engagement)

so hellcannon archers and warriors off having a rest bring on warriors and hc to combo charge the bell sea crakscall no more hc however infernal guard heaps better than bell and stormvermin grind them down for about 10 destroyer goes up the guts taking on anything and killing it hpa furnace monks pushing it and the doom wheel 19-1

highlight 20 archers and a hero take on death frenzy slaves and lose 4 exploding rats kill 5 near by exploding other unit on rats kills 5 again more die to rats blowing up than combat with them

game 4 watchtower vs greg orcs.

i started with it and greg had unit of squigs pick a fight with his bsb abd level 4s unit he was pushing it up hill from then on everything goes wrong for the guy flying mage and destroyer kill heaps sun all the way down his biguns killing his lord and about 20 of them same time as he kills the trolls 20-0 almost tabled him

game 5 vs will with ogres

he goes first and pushes up i drop doom and darkness and hell cannon combo in to his bunker of 8 guts bsb and level 4 they run off the table turn 2 he took it like a man and played on kill my destroyer some chaff my lord but not his ride tabled last turn 18-2

Will took the really lucky hellcannon well look forward to playing him again and it not being over so quick

game 6 somehow top table level with rion after paint scores ahead in battle but lost a few on basing and flocking so bigest win out of me and him gets it we both where playing woodelves

i was playing james from city guard

played like a chump to far spread out i was running round trying to get hold of him to get a big win gave him my destroyer to and dragin helm hero on a eagle. still lord rose to it and ran round killing heaps level 3 bsb and some archers big block of warriors killed dryads and treekin and my level 1 finally was aloud to cast a spell twice wiping out archers and then the other level 3 15-5 win

rion picked up 16-4

happy with 2nd and picked up some woof elf archers with my voucher thats the start of my wood elf army should just get it finished when they get a new book