[Archive] My army list plan


I had kind of posted this before. But I feel as though it got off topic so now that I got the points system pretty much figured out and changed it around ,I figured id repost it. I have my models on the way and I’m excited to begin a progress blog. This is what I have so far so let me know what you guys think …(a lot of the stuff is from the tamurkhan book ( that’s on the way too) but what I couldn’t find I used a fan made rulebook to get the rest of points so I apologize it’s not 100% accurate but I’m sure it’s pretty dam close)


Sorcerer prophet- level 4 lore of Hashut, naphtha bombs, blood of Hashut, armoir of bazherk the cruel,healing potion,luck stone -425 pts


Daemonsmith-level 2,lore of death, naphtha bombs, dispel scroll, charmed shield, dragon bane gem-170pts

Dark castellan- bsb, mask of furnace,great weapon-189pts

Dark castellan-blak hammer of Hashut,dawn stone,enchanted shield-175pts

Heroes total-534 pts


Infernal guard x15- great weapons,full command,naptha bomb-230 pts

Infernal guard x18-fireglaives,full command,pistol(leader)- 198 pts

Infernal guard x24- full command, naptha bomb- 299 pts

Core total- 831 pts


Bull centaur renders x4- shields, Ba’hal w/ great weapon- 215 pts

Death shrieker rocket- hellbound-125 pts

Magma cannon-

hellbound-170 pts

Special total- 510 pts


Hellcannon-210 pts

Hobgoblin wolf raiders x10- spears, command -160 pts

Rare total- 370 pt

Total points: 2670 pts

Lords -16%





I might switch it around a little bit. This is just a rough draft based off the rules I’ve found and read about( not sure if each unit is 100% accurate but I believe majority of them are) . I’d like to maybe take out one dark castellan and exchange for a Taur’ruk. Any advice/suggestions would be more than welcomed

Thankz ya