[Archive] my army

Mumbo Moose:

Hi guys:hat off

Im new to the sit and CDs in general. these are my first warriors(based on a guide from the site) hope you like. Their also my first ever proper conversions.

Mumbo Moose:

ok i mucked that up, i dont want to sound like an idiot but how the hell do u upload pictures???

Knight Of Awsome:


1:Create an account

2:Go to “my albums”


cant wait to see them, i hope this helps:cheers

Kera foehunter:

come on now Don’t beat yourself up i also had problems posting pictures too  .

can,t wait to see them


Can’t wait to see them and it isn’t bad if you didn’t know how to upload photos, everyone has something they can’t do and things you can’t do can be learned. Knight of Awsome has posted a small guide in this topic, if you can’t figure it out just tell us where you got the problem and we will help.