[Archive] My CD in Progress

Leon Brachwurster:

I finally started to make my CDs. I made them out of Space Wolves and Chaos Marines. I chopped the legs off just below the torso and gently cut the feet off the legs. I glued the feet to what was left of the torso and then green-stuffed chain mail and beards onto them. I left the CC chain weapons because I like the steampunk feel of them. For the Blunderbuss, I used Ork Shoota’s. The Doom rocket is a modified mortar chasis with an Ork Rocket I had lying around.  and I have 16 BB with a Troll/ Killa Kan bash for a unit filler to bring it up to 20. I have a lord, chopped from a Chaos Termie Lord, and 6 CC/Sh dwarfs with more on the way.




So what do you guys think?

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looks a bit too high tech for my taste, and no hats?! :stuck_out_tongue: The Doom Rocket looks sweet, but the pics are rather small so its hard to say anything more…

Da Crusha:

pretty cool! I really like the hand weapon/shield guys and the Lord. THe death rocket looks good and I like the crewman behind him with the terminator hand. the machine guns are a bit too 40K for me though.


big guns!!

a bit to tecky for me to, but i do like seeing squaty chaos models with different styles :smiley:


if you’d put them on round bases, you’d be able to use them as chaos space marines;)


Its an interesting approach. Really looking forward to seeing some of the stuff painted. and if you put [ img ]… [ /img ] (without the spaces around the url of the images we’ll see the pics here like this:

keep it up.