[Archive] My Chaos army is Gathering!


Hello fellow Dawi-Zharr.

This will be the tread where my chaos dwarves will gather for battle. (using WoC rules)

And heres the very first Chaos (dwarf) Ogre!

The thing in his left hand needs to go for smallish trumpet… not so great but useable…


I really like that ogre! Quite simple but effective conversion. Perhaps you could add some tattoos or small bodypaintings (eg. markings of ownership, as if he belonged to a certain Sorcerer or other potentate). But why not base the mini before painting?

I also like the idea of using WoC for Chaos Dwarfs. A friend of mine will do the same, although the Dawi Zharr will only be part of the force (the Marauders, mainly). Interesting idea. :slight_smile:


I’ll even be using Sawi for maraurders…

I think of Chaos-enchanted AoW Slayers. with conversions and different painting shemes ect…

As for tatoos, yes i’ll add them both of Khorne (he eats Corn :stuck_out_tongue: ) and hasut, but i didn’t know how it looks but now i do.

Thanks for the reply Btw. heres the rest of the unit WIP


Nasty and chaotic. Looking good.


I have done an attempt to lava-ish bases since that would be best for CD, i don’t see them playing in the snow at least :stuck_out_tongue:


The lava looks good, maybe add a little bit of white for the extra hot look?