[Archive] My Chaos Dwarf Army(2)


I’ve been working on my army ever since just before the current army list came out. I’ve always wanted to build a CD army since I got the ravaging hordes book way back when. I however don’t paint often so this will give me motivation to do so. Now I don’t have a lot of cash so I’ve had to convert a large amount of my army. Like I said earlier I don’t like to paint so I buy far more than I paint so I will post my total army list and will take suggestions on what to paint next. So here is what I have.

Sorcerer Prophet (currently painting) forgeworld

Daemon Smiths (5) 3 forgeworld 1 converted 1 GW dwarf engineer from goblin hewer

Infernal Castellan (3) converted BSB, Avatar of war CD lord, 1 converted

Hobgoblin Khans on foot (6) Nasty Skulkers

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (1) converted

(60) CD with 2 full command converted

(30) CD w/ GW Full Command converted

(30) CD w/ FG Full Command converted

(100) HG w/ Bows, shields and 4 commands

(100) HG w/ Shields and 4 commands

(30) Ironsworn w/ command converted

(2) Magma Cannons ( I use GW Dwarf flame cannons)

(18) Bull Centaurs w/ GW 2 commands converted

(8) Bull Centaurs w/ AHW and shields command converted

(18) K’daii Fireborn converted

(2) K’daii Destroyers (1 fully painted and 1 in process of convertion)

(10) HG wolf riders w/ bows

(1) Dread Quake Mortar converted

(2) Chaos Siege Giant (forge world fully painted) one convertion in process

I think I put everything I have in the list though I still have a bunch of CD not put together, (some more with GW, FG, and a bunch with BB)


Looks like an impressive force described here! I’d love to see some pictures!


I’ve tried to upload some images but then ones I took are to large and won’t post how do you lower the size of an image to allow it to post


What site do you use to upload images? Most image host sites have editing features for photos, and that should allow you to resize them.

I use photobucket, and it has great editing features.

Though, I usually post very large images to my posts!


Never mind I got it



On my custom Bull Centaurs I used Orc Boar boys (the boar) and Black Orcs. It doesn’t hurt I also have an Orc & Goblin army :slight_smile: . On the K’daii Fireborn I used old Mageknight models the Magestone Guardian with green stuff to make flames. Most of the hobgoblins in the army are just regular goblins from the O&G army but the rest are Skaven Plague Monks with Goblin heads. The Chaos Dwarfs are regular dwarfs that I had remolded to have full head helms and scale mail then I made molds and produce copies so all I have to do is buy the arms and shields now online to add to the army at this time I have about 100 arms and shields 75-100 Great weapons, 50 handguns which come with axes to make firegleaves, and 50 crossbows to make BB.


Oh wow, I really like your Bull Centaurs! :smiley:

I’m more of a Big Hat Dwarf myself, but I like how this army looks!


Thats a huge army you have there and a great start! But please change that avatar, I thought it was Grim at first.


Looking good. Are those Bull Centaurs on 50mm Sq bases? As normal size is 50x75 now-a-days


Thats a huge army you have there and a great start! But please change that avatar, I thought it was Grim at first.

Yea, me too!

well that was exactly what I wanted to say, so yes please change your avatar.


Sorry I just used one of the avatar images that were in the default list didn’t think it would cause confusion.


Great army - love the destroyer