[Archive] My chaos dwarf army project


Rather than creating multiple threads in the showcase section, i thought it was a better idea to post in a single thread here how my project is going…

So I decided, a couple weeks ago, to start a CD army. Thanks to a friend of mine, I found a good deal and got myself a decent army… at least 3000pts of evil stunties… but no hobgoblins, unfortunately :frowning:

Well, the next step was obviously to paint them, so here I am, struggling with my freshly primed blunderbusses.

Leading this project, I will have to bear in mind two elements :

-The final goal is to setup a tournament army, and a nice one if possible. CD minis are awesome, I don’t want to mess with their painting.

-The painting style I want to use on this army is an homage to the “old school” 'eavy metal style, from when i started to play : bright coulours, red armours… No problem with all that, I loved it back then, and I still do :smiley:

So, with this in mind, I started to paint… Here are the first minis. I will try to keep this post updated, but for more pics you can check my blog (well at least the pictures since it’s written in French, sorry :-s)

n.b: the pics here are WIP… The bases are still not done; neither are the top of the blunderbusses.death rocket crew


another blunderbuss

(more pics here)

a group photo

Any comment here or on the blog are, of course, welcome :smiley:


Awesome start! Be sure to give them great bases. Bases that are well done are a must for tournament armies.

Ghrask Dragh:

:o your painting is of a very high standard! I like your choice of colours, you don’t see bright colours much on Chaos Dwarfs now days, I like it!!

:hat off should be a very interesting blog, looking forward to it.


Also add dates with brackets to the title and note the last update. Its helpful for at a glance to see when the last update to the thread was made.


WOW ,french typical brilliant painting they are great ,will be watching your thread with interest.The project sounds llike a winner:hat off

By the way your painting isnt typical its amazingly good ,how are you going to base that look by the way:hat


OMG! - they are magnificent. So nice to see the bright colours back - and then - still very unique!

Would love to see more from you hand - so please keep us posted!


Some really great models here , good work!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Those are really sweet models, and the painting is top-notch. Give them good bases! A model without a base isn’t finished so these can get even better when fully completed. :slight_smile:


Id use cork lava bases.

Pyro Stick:

Those paint jobs are awesome. I wouldnt of used so many different colours though


Like purple and red.

Pyro Stick:

Reds a must on every chaos dwarf model. I would of left out the Blue or made it darker.


I meant the combination of the two.


wow, thanks for all the kind comments guys, that really motivates me to keep painting! I’ll try to post updates as regularly as possible…

Those paint jobs are awesome. I wouldnt of used so many different colours though
Yup, this has been one of my subjects of reflexion over the past weeks actually… Should I use a restricted or a broad palette? I was thinking that on a large army, having several bright colours could really make the units stand out ; I try to keep some sort of uniformity throughout the miniatures though, by keeping two main colours : red armours, blue clothes… and purple “details”. It could be a problem though, I will judge when I have a larger sample of painted miniatures.


Just be careful or you will end with an army suffering from the dreaded “explosion in a paint factory” syndrome.


Should I use a restricted or a broad palette?

I think it'll turn out fine so long as there is uniformity of theme across the whole army.


Wow, really nice nmodels, and a great find, almost makes me sad that we’ll have to beat you in the rugby…


I vote to keep the palette as is for now. The combination of bright colours against the flat black looks really good in my opinion. Particularly the torqoise/electric blue! Also, there aren’t going to be a whole lot of armies with this kind of colour scheme, painted to such an excellent standard. Uniqueness + excellence = good.


Love the paint job. Keep it up :slight_smile:

- Tallhat


Really nice paint job, These guys are going to look really striking on the battlefield.