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FINALLY after about 18 months, I have managed to finish my timeline! :cheers��I did about half of it a year ago, then lost it when my computer went down.��I then lost interest, but finally managed to do it.

Let me know what you think.��I’m trying to keep it to 2 pages, so there’s a little bit of space to add things (or delete as needed).

-5000 The race of Dwarfs begins their slow colonisation of the Worlds Edge Mountains.

-4500 Time of the Ancestor Gods, under them the Dwarfs flourish like never before.

-4300 The most adventurous Dwarfs journey across the barren upland region north of the Worlds Edge Mountains which they name ‘Zorn Uzkul’ (or the Great Skull Land) in the plain of Zharr. The overwhelming sense of evil in the lands is apparent to all and many turn back.

-4350 The Coming of Chaos. Contact is lost between Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Dwarf settlements in the Dark Lands and Mountains of Mourn.

-4349 The ending of the War of Greed.

-4119 The Dwarfs of the west mistakenly believe their kin in the Dark Lands have perished, destroyed by the tides of Chaos from the north.

-3500 Dwarfs of the Dark Lands are united behind the first Coven of Sorcerers, and accept Hashut, the Father of Darkness, as their protector.

-2700 During this Golden Age of relative peace, construction is completed on the mighty city of Zharr Naggrund. Built from dark iron and black obsidian by the most skilled stone masons, this colossal city marked the beginning of the eastern Dwarfs Empire.

-2420 The Empire is expanded with the construction of Urogash to the south, and Uzkulak to the north (2200).

-1999 Untold thousands of Human barbarians begin migrating from the eastern Steppes into the Old World. Marauders from the north surround Zharr Naggrund and foolishly attempt to siege it.

-1600 The Battle of Blood; a loose alliance of Greenskin tribes to the west are broken in an almighty slaughter that lasted for eight days. From the rear of the Greenskin army the Hobgoblins changed sides and attacked, earning them the emnity of the other Greenskins for all time.

-1580 An envoy of ambassadors venture across the Dark Lands and finally establish contact with the Dwarfs in the West. After an extremely hostile meeting they return beardless and angry beyond words. In anger the eastern Dwarfs take the name Chaos Dwarfs to inspire dread.

-1558 A carefully orchestrated campaign against the Orc and Goblin tribes begins throughout the Dark Lands, driving them westwards

-1500 The Chaos Dwarfs drive the Red Eye night goblin tribe to attack Karak Ungor, thus starting the ‘Goblin Wars’. After a short siege the hold is lost, and the remaining clans flee south with their king Ulfar Stonehammer.

-1431 To expand their Empire further, the Chaos Dwarfs begin a massive enslavement of Orcs, Goblins and Humans.

-1367 Mount Silverspear is taken by the Orc Warlord Urk Grimfang, who fortifies it further and renames his conquest Mount Grimfang. From this base many attacks are launched over the following centuries against the Chaos Dwarfs

-1362 The Dwarfs abandon all mines and settlements in the eastern part of the Worlds Edge Mountains.

-921 The first Great Purge of the Mountains of Mourn. In an attempt to break the strength of the Greenskins, who had grown vastly in number, an extended campaign is undertaken to kill or enslave as many as they can.

-600 Vorag Bloodytooth, the first and only Ghoul King, leads an army of Ghouls that overrun and nearly destroy the Red Cloud tribe. The survivors are enslaved and forced to build the fortress of Vorag to the east of the Plain of Bones. Whilst besieging the mountain hold of some nearby Goblins, Vorag is killed by a Bolt Thrower and the army disbands.

-10 Barbarians attack Uzkulak by foot over the Frozen Sea on an unusually cold winter. They are held back by the Dawi Zharr fleet until the pack ice breaks. Many retreat back north, others are driven west attacking the nearby Norse Dwarf port of Sjoktraken.

336 The Battle of a Thousand Grudges. During this brutal war the Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs demonstrated previously unthinkable acts of vengeance upon each other, enough to fill several volumes in the Grudge Books of both races.

500 During the 20th bi-centenary Great Feast of Hashut, the ground erupts around the place later to be known as Zharrakhaos.��Hashut’s dark path for the Chaos Dwarfs is laid before them.

740 Having seen the wealth being mined in the Dark Lands by the humans from distant Cathay, the Chaos Dwarfs send armies to destroy them. Slave raids begin in the lands of Cathay and Keuresh

1000 Uzkulak comes under siege from barbarian Maruaders. Recognising the importance of being able to move their entire fleet through the port the Chaos Dwarfs begin construction on the Falls of Doom. The River Ruin runs dry for 42 years as the Zhuf Uzkul is constructed.

1270 Chaos Dwarf pirates are captured by the Necromancers of Nagash.

1348 Gospodar nomads begin to migrate across the Dark Lands into the west.

1501 The second Great Purge of the Mountains of Mourn. Barbarian Ogres aid the Chaos Dwarfs in the destruction of rebel Black Orc fortresses.

1550 Whilst the Chaos Dwarfs are stretched on many fronts, the largest invasion by Steppe Hobgoblins ever seen takes place. Hundreds of Dawi Zharr are slain or captured, but the unforgiving environment eventually forces the besieging Hobgoblins to retreat.

1806 Whilst investigating some lost ruins deep in the heart of the Blasted Wastes, Chaos Dwarf explorers chance upon a massive network of tunnels. Within weeks a Skaven invasion force from Hell Pit arrives and slaughters all before it. After numerous defeats by a never ending swarm of Skaven, Arcane Engineers collapse many miles of tunnels in an enormous explosion, effectively bringing an end to the war.

1818 The Battle of Thermopylak. Remote outposts on the Dragon Isles fall after untold numbers of Lizardmen appeared from nowhere. An advance party of 300 Immortals hold a narrow mountain pass for enough time to save the fleeing Dawi Zharr. This marks the beginning of the end for the old Empire as dozens of outposts are lost within a few years.

1822 Urogash falls to the Ogres after a furious war lasting a month. After a fighting retreat to barges on the River Ruin, a coven of Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers led by Ghorth the Cruel bring the ruins of the city crashing down upon the Ogres.

2153 The Chaos Dwarfs begin a 270 year long campaign to conquer Mount Grimfang. The mountain had been a stronghold of raiding Greenskins for thousands of years.

2301 The tear at Zharrakhaos expands once more, resulting in a short but brutal war against the Daemonic legions.

2338 Dwarfs collapse tunnels made by the Chaos Dwarfs in the area around where the legendary lost hold of Karak Vlag is rumoured to be.

2400 The Fortress of Vorag, the last stronghold south of the Black Fortress, was destroyed by legions of undead sent by Nagash. Why the fell lord should turn his attention to this distant fortress is unknown.

2520 The armies of Chaos marched across the Zorn Uzkul and down towards Peak Pass as they prepared for the Storm of Chaos that was to consume the Empire in flames. Crom the Conquerer meets the assembled Chaos Dwarfs outside the walls of Zharr Naggrund, striking a deal to have the use of Hellcannons for slaves.

2523 The largest Chaos Dwarf army ever assembled marches west with the hordes of Crom the Conquerer, only to be repelled after a battle with Dwarfs from Zhufbar and Karak Kadrin at the Battle of Peak Pass. After many smaller battles the two Dwarf armies are finally forced back allowing the hordes of Chaos to pass through, and the Chaos Dwarfs to establish a temporary stronghold in the western Empire. Time will tell how long this can be defended as the Dwarfs and Empire fight to overcome the many enemies that have descended on them.


Super duper cool. :cheers



Who needs GW anymore?

Have you think about expanding your fluff? Perhaps something about Astragoth since youve already done a great work with Zathan.

:hat off:hat:cheers:mask


Expanding it…? With the armylist as well it comes to about 64 pages…

It will just keep growing and improving. Some parts are so old I need to go back and edit them as my ideas evolve.


Two things you forgot:

When the Hobbos actually came to work for, not be enslaved by, the CDs, and conjointly, the Black Orc’s sorcerous creation and subsequent rebellion.

Otherwise, dude… it’s just… like… awesome. No word covers it better than that.


The hobgoblin part would be appropriate here

-1600 The Battle of Blood; a loose alliance of Greenskin tribes to the west are broken in an almighty slaughter that lasted for eight days.

I could say the Hobgoblins changed sides and attacked from behind etc.

The Black Orcs are a tricky one.��I didn’t want to go into the breeding program of the Chaos Dwarfs, seems too much like Skaven sneakiness to me.

However, I think they confirmed in the new Orc book that the Chaos Dwarfs created them???

So I guess will need to include that.:~��Probably at -150


Very cool and i definately like the idea of the hobbos betraying there greenskin cousins.I think its CD that protect them from being wiped out:hat


its very good indeed

Ghrask Dragh:

It’s very, very good indeed. :hat off Grim’


if you wanted to add my background peice in there somewhere that could be cool too(hint hint)


fantasstic timeline like its right out of a gw book


I think the Black Orcs were more sorcerously created. Skavies like, cut and slash and re-tape stuff and then pop some warpstone in it.

Kera foehunter:

great job grims i like it .thanks you for doing this history forall of us

Lord Zarkov:

The BOs really need to be mentioned as the rebellion not only nealy destroyed the empire, but was also responsible for the greensking migration westwards that caused all the woes for our western ‘kin’


They aren’t all bad then.


The BOs really need to be mentioned as the rebellion not only nealy destroyed the empire, but was also responsible for the greensking migration westwards that caused all the woes for our western 'kin'

Lord Zarkov
You mean the Goblin Wars specifically (-1500 IC)?��I thought they took part in the later one against Sigmar (around 0 IC)

What if I put the rebellion at -100, but left out the part about them actually breeding them?��Something like

-100 Battle of **(suitable name)**��Unruly Black Orcs slaves spark a massive rebellion that threatens to destroy Zharr Naggrund.��From the lowest mine to the doors of the Temple of Zharr itself, tens of thousands of slaves rebel.��Only the aid of Hobgoblin mercenaries saves the city from destruction.


In the Orcs book from memory (or maybe the storm of Choas book); it says that Grimgor himself escaped the CD with some fellow comrads. So stands to reason not all our slaves are gone, it’s around the same area that their creation by CD’s is confirmed


Anyone know when the nemesis crown campaign is suppose to happened?

The Flying Beaver:

The Chaos Dwarfs selectively bred the Black Orcs (maybe a bit of genetic tinkering and/or magic, but it’s not like that of the skaven), and in the Black Orc Rebellion, Zharr-Naggrund was almost destroyed. It’s a major part of CD history and can’t be washed away if you ask me.