[Archive] My delayed Brush Slave entry - Drunken troll


So, I was going to enter these models into Brush Slave #3, but never got the picture taken in time.

Anyway, this is Borka Kegslayer, Trollkin warlock, Shaman of Dhunia, and a real party-troll. He likes fighting, drinking and procreation, in no specific order. He even has an ingame ability called Stumbling Drunk.


A real shame you didn’t get it done in time, awesome model!


It was indeed finished, I just forgot to photograph it…


(sorry I meant done, as in done a picture in time) :-p

Cool model! What range is it off, don’t recognise the model in the least!


Thanks. It’s a Trollblood from HORDES, sistergame to Warmachine, from Privateer Press.

I have more of my Trollbloods in this thread

Blue in VT:


I’m personally glad that you didn’t get your picture taken…cause you would have kicked ass!

that is a very sweet model…excellent work!

Cheers…:hat off



wow… very nice work and great picture…

p.s. Blue you are lucky! hehehe


These guys would seriously have challenged Mr. Blue Brush Slave Crown. Sad the didn’t make it, but glad you find the time taking pictures and post it. Excellent brush work here, Ogrob.

Now let’s see you do something for BS #4 :slight_smile: - in time :stuck_out_tongue:


Really nice models. It is shame that were not entered, but I am glad that you have shown them to us now. Thanks for sharing.

I hope that you are going to enter the current Brush Slave comp. It is this HIGH level of painting that inspires me to keep pushing on, and trying to get better with every mini. Again thanks for sharing.


Very very nice, I still would have voted for blues entry though lol
But did anyone else notice the artificial compencation? :wink: