[Archive] My dwarfs. Picture heavy


I started with the Demon smithy, decided that the colours worked fine. I have so many red armys i thought i needed something more… Purple! :smiley:

I got about 10 IG painted now and im waiting to finnish my gigant before painting the 10IG with shields. Got 10 with glaves to that needs painting.

And its not done yet, but i love the skin on that gigant.


Sorry for the crap photo quality. Shoot with my mobile phone.


Looks great, but I think Ill have to get used to the purple CDs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the FW giant or a conversion?


Its the FW one, I just havent put the hooks on his arms and some other stuff to make my painting easyer.

And good knows why i decided to put the worst painted IG with shield first… -.-’


Nice skin on that giant, that’s looking pretty awesome.


nice stuff, like your purple guard and the blue giant, fits very well IMO.

coincidence, i just finished painting a batch of ogres for a friend of mine and i came up with quite a similar blue skin tone… used astronomican grey and asurmen blue (with a touch of badab black) for mine, how did you do yours?


Fenris Grey > wash of liche purple,scorched brown/badab black > shadow grey,fortress grey,komando khaki > and pure komando khaki as final highlight.

I used more then 5 layers but its just some blends to make it look smother.

Glad u liked my guards, they look far better irl then on those pictures.


Unusual to see purple Chaos Dwarfs. I think they look good, especially the Daemonsmith. The skin on the Siege Giant is great. Will you paint emblems or runes on the Infernal Guards’ shields? I think a painted lightning bolt on one or two armour parts would help tie in your Giant with the CDs.


Yea im not done with the shields.

And im not sure what colour i whant on the emblems… What do u think of this quick draw?


Beautiful job so far. The skin on the Giant is fantastic!

Great freehand shield emblem!


Purple chaos dwarves… Interesting (: Love the skin of the giant, you’ve shown great painting skills.

If you have time, consider joining the Brush Slave (:

Lord Aldades:

I kind of like the scheme, reminds me of the pre chaosy Emperor`s Children livery


Don’t really like the purple on the Chaos Dwarfs… just don’t. It’s a bit too ‘harsh’ for me. A softer, Gamecube purple I would be able to handle better.

Still, your figures and they are certainly painted well.

Speaking of well painted… that Giant is looking amazing so far. I will try and get your tone on something… Love it!

I think the ‘V’ emblem on the shield looks pretty good and the colours match the purple


Good shield marking. As ChungEssence already have said, it matches the purple, and also seem quite simple to pull off for a good effect. Will you mix the emblems? Then you could include a skull with a lightning bolt in its forehead, or a volcano spitting lightning, or a bull’s head, or a Chaos star on some shields. That really isn’t necessary, but might give you some challenging variation in the shield painting.

Anyway I think you should paint the rune of the shield on some parts of the giant’s armour, too. It doesn’t need to be large.


I reckon its all looking great. Not too sure if I’ll ever get the siege giant but the colours all work well

Time of Madness:

Nice to see more Forge World Chaos Dwarfs painted up!

I like the gold/silver on the infernal guard. I’ll be painting mine up with similar colours (minus the purple though). The new book as some great paint scheme ideas in all the artwork.

I like the shield rune! You should do them all like that.

Time of Madness