[Archive] My Eruption Gun (pic included)

Time of Madness:

Hey all,

So I really thought hard about how I wanted my eruption gun to turn out. I wanted to make sure it would fit into my big hat era army. Not much of a conversion, but I think it looks pretty snazzy.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Time of Madness


Very nice work with the zzap gun! I’d add ‘hellcannon treads’ to the wheels. other than that, your all set!

Time of Madness:

Thanks for the comments. My biggest issue was the wheels, I even thought about putting basic war machine wheels on it.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

Time of Madness


Maybe the wheels could be more spikey? Or how about shaping the barrel like a demonic mouth? You can always stick a flag or banner nearby :slight_smile:


What model are those wheels from?

Time of Madness:

The wheels are from the Ork zzap gun.

Time of Madness

Bronze Bull:

Nicely done! I think using chariot wheels or cannons would be for the best because those wheels don’t scream fantasy to me. Although I suppose if you modded them or gave them a suitably dark paint job it might work! Do you think you could paint them with a wood theme?