[Archive] my evil hobbo


hello evil spawn’s of Hashut.

now i have put my hobbo in the right spot:)

here he is “the master of the puppet”


wow he looks evil love the mask! the puppet looks cool to overall an evil theme



i will paint a evil smil on the mask


Nice work! I really like it! He could also double (if you have a greenskin army) as a shaman easily too.

Very clever. Nice puppet too, that really sells it.


now i have painted my hobbo in evil colours!!!

here is the painted one

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks awesome! Just goes to show that painting really finishes a model!


Nice guy,

but I don´t want to met him at night in the metro :smiley:

And I don´t want to be his puppet … :stuck_out_tongue:



thanks everyone.

this is only the start on my chaosdwarf army,

but i need to buy a bfsp box befor i can continue(it maby will take some time)


warh: I actually exclaimed “Wow” when I saw that. Very nice work my friend. Nice work on the eyes and the basing.  He looks wonderfully malevolent. Very nice work, I really love it.

Might recommend using img tags too :wink:


The hobbo is so great - really like the colours you did on this - and the puppet is cute :wink:

Btw: May I ask why you didn’t use the ’

Tarrakk Blackhand:

It’s a great way to get rid of a Goblin’s face! :smiley: ThanX for the idea.


what a crazy little guy

i wouldnt wonder if he talks to his puppet,cause its his only friend

poor little hobbo…


That really is a very clever conversion. It could easily be used in a diorama with someone “dancing” in front of him against their will.



i will try to use the ’


I think it is a great idea and well executed. A nice piece.:cheers


how do i use

Tarrakk Blackhand:


To post a pic in the <img src=" tag, you treat it like a line of text.

First, you need a web host to display your pictures. I use www.fotki.com.
Next, you upload photos to that web site as described in their " for="">) Once the computer has all this information, it then processes your line of text into the picture.

I learned this in a “How to program HTML” book when I was trying to design my web site.


thanks tarrakk blackhand.

but how do i make the images smaler?


this guy will have 29 hobbos or 9 or 19 i can chose:o

the puppet can be used as a hw or shield:)

Kera foehunter:

Wow !!! that is freaking cool !!

i have a doll just like that one to warh