[Archive] My extra chaos dwarf airship pics

Will Liam:

K’daai Destroyer WIP pics

Pappa Midnight:

Excellent work! I love the source lighting on different areas of the model and your eye for detail.

BTW that K’daai Destroyer is killer!



The Airship looks great Will, as mentioned the lighting looks great, I didn’t notice the lamp or the spider so the extra shots are really worth it!

The K’daai is coming along great… still not sure how its camouflage will work like the others (if you do that)

Keep that army coming, I really need to get into painting some more of my collection!


Fun concept for an airship and well painted! Not convinced by the goblin green base of the K’daii though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantastic airship, and K’daai! Dedicated conversion and painting work, sir.

Will Liam:

thanks guys - trying to keep my K’daai true to form with the lava and black look - I think doing a lava base might be a good idea on this one and not the grass as it would create a better illusion of camouflage in his natural hidden environment - the idea was to make the K’daai look like it unfolds out of its own rock like body taking its enemy buy surprise as it bursts forward (a bit like a hermit crab wood do from its shell when catching a fish) still need to do more paint work on it to make him pop so I may as well repaint the base too - better pics next time :slight_smile: