[Archive] my fiancee's birthday


my fiancee said she wants to get some warhammer stuff for her birthday (only for painting and converting not for playing)

I was gonna get her some paints, the newest highelf dragon and some other stuff,

any suggestions?

(has to be current stuff)

And of corsed i’m gonna give her something else that’s meaningful to us,(probibly a gold necklace)


Every one likes dragons, so the high elf dragon is a good choice. Maybe a Bretonnia model because they are fun to paint, IMHO.


I have the old High Elf Lord of Dragons, boxed and complete, transfers stil there and all I’ve done is undercoated the fig with skull white spray. I bought it from new on a time I got confused in a GW store and came out with a load of Elves…

I am interested in selling him if he takes your fancy?

Think its very similar to this model http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99110210102&orignav=301116

I also have http://www.solegends.com/citdragon/ta6emperordragon.htm this baby for sale, hes the first Emperor Dragon but I want £100 for him so may not be ideal for ya


Maybe a Bretonnian damsel? The one with the long big hair is great when it comes to painting :slight_smile:

Maybe if she has a thing for cute monstrosities a river troll could be an idea?

What kind of taste does she have when it comes to fantasy universes like Warhammer?

Kharrahk Flintwalker:

Nothing says love like a Forgeworld Emperor Fire Dragon…


my fiancee had a go once, she did one of my blood angels, let her build it and choose the weapons and everything, although she chose a damn crappy flamer! then she did get slightly interested in necromunda, so i bought her an escher gang, she painted half of it pink and purple, and then gave up halfway through her first game cos it was too long and complicated for her lol.

i wouldnt buy her anything metal or fidgety to start with. probably best to get her a starter paint set, or, get yourself on maelstrom games and buy a craploads of paints and a few vallejo sabe brushes, and just one unit you can paint together. something fun and colourful but easy to build like bretonian knights. its probably a better introduction to the hobby than something that takes hours and hours and you can both have fun coming up with the designs on the horses and stuff.

to be honest im not the best person to ask about this because my attempts at converting my woman into a miniatures fan failed miserably!


she paints miniatures already, and sculpts some as well

(i’m actualy going to ask her to sculped a few CD models and i’m gonna cast them)

@ Vasquez

I don’t think she would like a troll

she mainly likes dragons and dwarfs.

one thing she said in a D&D roleplay was “Dwarfs are short, but their big where it counts!”

It was really funny when she said it.


Chicks dig horses and dragons.


Convert her a model especially for her and tell her she has the only one in the world. <3

Chicks dig sentiment above all the rest!

Kera foehunter:

Why a dragon if i wanted some thing cool i would like the lotr BALROG!!!

wHAT cool hashut converions. If you get a dragon next will be a 2000 pt wood elf army !!!

Btw that’s what i want for my birthday hint hint



Actualy i’m gona have a solid gold copy of one of my converted woodelfs made as a necklace thing to go on the gold necklace chain i’m getting her (costs about $250 U.S. normaly, but my friend does it all the time so it’ll only be $100 for me:cheers)

no idea what the diffrence is in money for diffrent countrys


about £50 in english, thats not a bad price for a solid gold woodelf . . . what carat gold is that?


no clue…

i’d imagine it’s not realy good but it still looks great and she loves the model i’m using

Kera foehunter:

Are we allowed to say wood elfs here with out cussing first ???


yeah its a really cool idea, personalised jewelry. i havent bought m girlfriend a single piece of jewelry since we got engaged. i might see if i can find something like your doing in the uk. dont think she would appreciate a woodelf though.

i wonder if you can get it done in non metallic metals instead lol


@ Vasquez
I don't think she would like a troll
she mainly likes dragons and dwarfs.

Well, there's your answer then ;) Though I have to say I agree with the guy, who said that a personal conversion specially for her was a good idea.
Chicks dig horses and dragons.

Hmm... that leaves me being... well, not a chick :o


thanks everyone, i officialy have no money (as usual) so i bought all the stuff for her and had the neacklace made her b-day is april 3rd (tomarrow)

i think she’ll love the gold woodelf :wink:


Wish her a Happy Birthday from all of us!


I snuck out of school to go see her

I DO NOT usualy do that, but it’s her party so I went.

she just opened the dragon and she loved it!

I’m gonna give her the necklace later when we’re alone!

@ vexxus

     Thanks, I’ll tell her you said happy birthday

EDIT: her Brother bought her a hellcannon AND BFSP

with that and the dwarf stuff i gave her she now has more potential CD than i do (she’s even gonna start playing CD soon)

i’m gonna try to get her to join CDO

oh and she’s going to games day and entering a CD in the Golden deamon compititon (i talked her into it and i think she’ll win) though it’s not for a few months

Kera foehunter:

That would be cool for her to join this site. But bad for you Asheira

Kera does an evil laugh MMMMAAAHHAHA