[Archive] my first 1000


I am realy dedicated now:)no natural disaster will stop me again (afterall, i’ve already had fire, theft, earthquakes and, well, fire again)

so, heres what i’m doing and how much i have done as well

Chaos dwarf hero - 94

Great weapon

armour of Ghazrak

status - done, but being re-painted. pic will be taken when I learn how to use a digicam

bull centaur hero - 146

black hammer of hashut

heavy armour + shiled

status - just begun on the body, I have the basic shape just need to put on mucle, upper body and armour. will take pics soon

19 chaos dwarf warriors - 201

heaby armour, shield + hand weapon

full command

status - champion is done

14 chaos dwarf warriors - 208

heavy armour, shioled + hand weapon

great weapons


status - champion is done

17 chaos dwarf warriors - 204

heavy armour + hand weapons


status - not started yet

death rocket - 80

three crew with heavy armour + hand weapon

status - concept done, but not started yet

5 bull centaurs - 105

heavy armour, great weapons OR 2 hand weapons

status - not started yet

so there, Ideas for how to improve the army?



there is a mistake on your BC hero : he’d worth more points.

Then you have no anti magic system. And no hobgoblins :frowning:


heheheheh, ooops on the BC, I should have noticed that. I was jst working from memory

and I have anti-magic, it’s called bull centaurs. If I’m in contact with a mage i can attack it, and a BC hero can kill a mage eaisly

I have no hobbo’s because I can’t decide how to model them…and I like having some dwarfves, there easer to sculpt…


Some of your CD warriors are wearing heaby armour ? gives me the heaby geebies:D

I like your greenskin free list but love my hobbo wolfriders :hat

I would drop the gw on the warriors for another BC :hat


hmmmmmm, well, I like great weapins, as I have a problem facing lots of orc and dwarf armies, and want to be able to crack them open

and hobbo’s are on the 1500 point list:)


Drop the death rocket scatter weapons wont do much in 1000pts get two bolt thrower instead and use the last twenty to get another blunderbussder and another basic warrior.(assuming there is no special reason for the unit size and that you have 1 pt spare)


Nice work but if you’re sculpting an entire army then I’d recomend spliting the job between characters/command groups and regiments of ordinary models. This is what I did with my Imperial Fists - after I painted every squad I painted something cool like a tank, some scouts or a character. Works a treat for keeping your motivation up and you don’t get caught having 80 core models to paint.


I am splitting it, well not realy as I love splitting and painting as muc gaming so this is alot of fun for me. I am currently working on boots and a BC. hehehe, I’m not good at the boots

PS: with a rock lobber, a screaming skull cattapult and a grudge thrower, they have never failed me yet and I still get quite a few hits. pluss, a death rocket is highy theemed as it is the most common chaos dwarf warmachine. Plus, if I have 6 hobbo’s it hightly untheemed Eh?