[Archive] My First 1000pts Attempt


Ok so the idea here is to write up an army list before i start buying, and then spending hours painting and converting an army, to then find out it is useless on the battlefield (woe my blood angel bikers, 20 hours of painting and massacred by turn 2!)

Hero w/ 2 hand weapons, armour of gazrakh - 94

15 warriors w/ HW+shield, full command - 165

10 warriors w/ blunderbusses, full command - 150

12 warriors w/ great weapons, full command - 162

Level 2 sorcerer, black gem of gnar - 135

Earthshaker cannon - 110

10 black orcs, full command - 178

total = 994

Ok first tings first my explanations. I havent taken any hobgoblins because i dont really like the models. Ive been into games workshop for 15 years and have never ever ever liked hobgoblins, although i do like the beer . . . . hmmm tempting.

I read a few other posts saying paying for a level 2 sorcerer is pointless. It might be, but, in most 1000pt games its the best you can do, and if they other player is only taking 1 level 1 it gives you the advantage. I like the idea of the black gem for tying up enemy heroes while the unit he is with mashes up the enemy heroes bodyguard. I felt it would be out of character not taking a sorcerer, as it is a main differentiation from normal dwarves.

The earthshaker is also one of those must haves, plus the way it will disrupt enemy shooting means i dont need much firepower of my own.

The black orcs are there because i loved the idea that he chaos dwarfs created them to be ultimate slaves. So much more evil than hobgoblins, you can imagine them just pounding poncy elves into the dirt with their axe hafts. I know they are very expensive for such a small unit but should be able to make their points back.

And with 37 warriors it should give me ample time for fun big hat conversions.

Any criticism would be greatly appreciated. I play dwarfs so i have an idea of how things would work, but of course that isnt the same as experience.

Many thanks in advance

Uzkul Werit:

It’s not bad. The units are a little small but I’m just used to having wacking great units of Warriors. I’d ditch the Great Weapons on the unit of 12 and use the points for a few more Blunderbussmen.


Units are a bit small but at the same time at that point with only 1000p they dont get to big eather so you cang et away with it.

btw The hobgoblin ale is very good, me like too(but I also like the models of hobgoblins).

edit:spelling wrongs


The sorcerer is worth it if he is carrying two scrolls. :wink: But a lvl 1 can do this too…


Ive been rethinking this a bit and i think maybes getting rid of the black orcs for bull centaurs will give it some extra mobility but not lose out in close combat power, and maybes dropping the hero for another level 2 sorcerer, hopefully dominating with magic in such small games.

Uzkul Werit:

A small unit of Bull Centaurs in this points cost would be pretty worth it. Just be sure to give them more men in larger games as five won’t do nothing. They’re not Knights remember.