[Archive] My first 2000pts tournament list

Steve D:

I am going to a local 2000pts event in a couple of weeks and thought I would take the new CD. So need a list…

I dont own and Renders or hob gobs yet so am a little limited in options…

Anyway, it’s very much based on ToM list as I like that a lot. So, thoughts on this…

Lvl1, fire, scroll,

BSB, Talisman of P, Dawnstone, Ench sh

Castellan, Mask of Furnace, sh.

22 warriors, FC

24 warriors, FC

Iron Demon, hellbound


Magma Cannon


I know I am relying on the warmachines and the Destoyer to do most of the heavy work but the Iron Demon can chip in too now and again against the right units although I am going to be using it mainly as a mobile gun for monsters and multi wound/high armour targets.

I also need to boost this up to 2400 pts. My inital thoughts was possibly boosting the main unit to 30 or 35, dropping the rest and putting in hob gob archers. And adding in some renders…


In 2000 destroyer is going to be a killer, your opponent wont have anything to stop it (save a steam tank)

you have only 4 drops so you’ll have to pay attention to your deployment.

since you have the destroyer i dont think that iron daemon is necessary in 2000.

i would drop it, add another rocket/magma cannon, upgrade the daemonsmith in lvl2 OR add a unit or two of hobbos with bows because aside the daemonsmith you dont have anything to deal with flyers/fast etc to protect your machines. hobbos are cheap you can easily field 2x20 units of them with bows (thats 40 shots per turn) and still have 85 points left.

hope i helped a bit

Steve D:

Would love to do that but I dont have any Hob Gob’s yet and wont in time for the event. But I am worried about chaff elements as there is not much to deal with it.