[Archive] My first 2k army - please comment!


Hey there fellas.

I’m interested in putting a CD army together, but I always like to get a 2k list put together before I start work. So here is what I’ve come up with:

Bull Centaur Lord; GW, Sh, Heavy Armour 185

Chaos Dwarf Hero; GW, Armor of Gaz [General] 94

L2 Sorcerer; 2x Dispell scroll 150

L2 Sorcerer; Dispell Scroll 125

18 Warriors; Full Command (for gen and 1 Sorc) 192

19 Warriors; Full command (for other sorc) 201

17 Blunderbusses 204

11 Hobgoblins 22

11 Hobgoblins 22

11 Hobgoblins 22

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders; Muscian 120

2 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers 60

20 Black Orcs; Shields, Full command 318

Earth Shaker 110

5 Bull Centaurs; HA, Full Com, Warbanner (for Lord) 175

Total: 2000

Casting Pool: 6

Dispell pool: 4

So, I decided to use the Hero for his leadership and spend the points on a choppy lord to go round with the centaurs hurting people. Couldn’t afford fancy armour for him though.

I’m happy with the magical defense and output.

The hobgoblins will be re-directing/baiting units so I didn’t want to go up to 20. They will stay close to the general so Ld tests shouldn’t be a problem.

The Black Orcs I know will be contensious but they really seem like a dependable rock hard support/ flank anchor/ flanking unit.

So - Comments? Criticisms? Cakes? All welcome. :slight_smile:


I’d drop musician and champion from centaurs, and 2 blunderbusses, to further enhance warriors (to about 25 models each unit). Also, the lord needs a better protection, maybe armour of the furnace?

I’m not sure 'bout 2levels on mages - 6 dice isn’t much, in fact, it’s 70 points wasted.


Yes drop sorc lvls swap armour of gaz to lord and give cd general HA Enc sh and sword of might .This will free up points for more cd warriors also makes BC lord hard enough to leave bc unit which could do with a couple more bc’s

Then again go with whats good for you and enjoy:cheers