[Archive] My first 8th battle: CD vs LZ


I’ll keep it short. I won’t have a turn by turn, just a review of the different elements and phases of the game.


Three blocks of R&F skinks, two combat characters (hero/lord) on cold ones, a unit of 10 cold one riders full command, 3 salamanders, 2 skink skirmishers and two 20-strong saurus warriors. A dispel priest that stores PD into an item for the next dispel phase.

Chaos Dwarfs

40 hobgoblins (5 wide), 25 hobgoblins with shields and musician, 10 hobgoblin archers, 25 warriors with HA & shield FC war banner, 20 warriors with HA and great weapons banner of Strider, 21 blunderbussers FC, 6 bolt throwers, 2 earthshakers. Bull centaur hero with sword of might and magic shield with reroll; bull centaur lord with 4+ armor save and 4+ ward as well as a random ward-negating item, weapon at ini 10; cd hero with 1+ armor and great weapon (general); BSB with 2+ AR; lvl 2 fire sorcerer with dispel scroll.

We end up with a forest, a river, a hill of Vaul, a rock that makes to-wound rolls get a +1 bonus if you’re suffering hits within 6 inches of it, a watch tower, walls (bastion of order) and an L-shaped house.


Chaos dwarfs cause LOTS of hits against Saurii with templates, yet few die because of STR3 and armor saves. Against skink rank and files, it’s the opposite: they have to take panic tests by the ton because of the hefty losses. Ballistas force opponent to do weird positionning of saurus flanks and cold one riders, although his cold one riders with two heroes goes totally distracted by a 110pt hobgoblin unit (call it tactical denial on my part: I’d rather have his cold ones chew through my hobgoblins and ballistas than having them come into the flanks of my warriors). Having the default fire lore spell allowed great flexibility according to what amount of PD I rolled on the winds of magic. I failed all my six-dice attempt at 3d6 fireball, rolling a fifteen every time (with the +2 it became 17, just one short of the casting value!). Flaming sword of ruin was awesome, it allowed my str 3 dwarfs to wound saurus warriros on a 4+ (on a 3+ when the saurus warriros were next to the evil rock!).

Dwarf charges are amazing. I charged 9 inches, going over a wall in the process, with no hindrance at all.

Terrain is dangerous, luckily I didn’t fail any dangerous test I had to take (we considered bull centaurs to be infantry, thus not getting +1 AR but not having to make terrain tests when charging over obstacles either). Both of us avoided the forest entirely, while his skinks had the leisure of marching through the river at no risk of loss.

Reforming after defeating an opponent is golden when you’ve got ld10 to attempt it!

No slots means more cheap CD hero characters! Cheap hordes mean steadfast hobbos! BSB applying to all Ld tests means that my 40 slaves held the line even when charged by saurus warriors!

All in all, the Ravening Hordes list can still hold its own, provided you don’t focus too many points in spellcasters or bull centaur units (I didn’t take any, they’re much too soft even against poison skinks or javelins!)

Luckily I didn’t suffer any miscast, but I reckon it’d be spectacular if it did happen!