[Archive] My first army list


Ok, after a 2 year hiatus, I have returned to make the version 1.1 of the army list. I have tried to take into account all the comments as well as adjust the list to the new edition.

Looking for more feedback, especially concerning the point costs.


Slow: Chaos dwarf infantry units flee and pursue 2D6-1

Purposeful: Chaos dwarfs automatically pass their �?oEnemy sighted!�?� tests.

Life is harsh: Both chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins are very pragmatic and have no qualms about sacrificing their allies to win. They can ignore the risk to greenskins when placing templates and may even shoot into close combat that involves them (in this case, each hit is randomized between the sides with a roll of 4+) . That includes hobgoblins shooting other hobgoblins. Also, chaos dwarfs will never test for panic on account of greenskins �?" if they are being routed or wiped out, it must be part of the plan.

Hobgoblin animosity: While the enslaved greenskins don�?Tt have the time for petty squabbles, the hobgoblins do much worse �?" they use the confusion of battle to settle old grudges. At the beginning of every chaos dwarf turn roll a dice for every unengaged hobgoblin unit that numbers at least 5 models and isn�?Tt fleeing. on a roll of 1, a fight has broken out - the unit cannot shoot or move this turn. infantry units will also suffer 1D6 S3 hits as someone inevitabely gets stabbed in the confusion. (this never causes a panic test)

Backstabbing bastards: Hobgoblins are notorious traitors, distrusted by everyone and unwilling to trust anyone in return. Hobgoblin characters cannot join non-hobgoblin units and non-hobgoblins can’t join units of hobgoblins. However, so used they are to backstabbing, the enemy attacking from behind is considered the norm for them. The enemy can’t claim CR bonuses from attacking the hobgoblins from the flanks and only gets CR+1 for attacking from the rear.

I’m right behind you: Hobgoblin characters feel quite comfortable staying behind the unit they ‘lead’ (not the least for the fact that this keeps all their clanmates where they can see them.) A hobgoblin character can be placed at the rear rank of the unit and still confer his leadership value and other bonuses (such as the battle standard) to the unit, even if he refuses a challenge. If he is himself unengaged, he can even leave a unit tied in close combat, walking out of it during the remaining moves part of the movement phase.

Chaos dwarf general: An army is usually led by a chaos dwarf general. If there are no chaos dwarfs, bull centaurs or colossi in the army (Which probably means its a hobgoblin slaver party ahead of some larger force) only then can a hobgoblin chieftain be a general. If that is the case, another hobgoblin chieftain can carry the battle standard.

The bigger they are… The bull centaurs’ mass makes them devastating on the charge but easily turns against them should they lose balance. Even though otherwise classified as monstrous infantry, they must test for dangerous terrain like cavalry would.


Blunderbuss: quick to fire, range 12".  S4.   Blunderbuss salvo ignores all to hit modifiers, always hitting on 4+. However, targets in hard cover will be hit with S3 as they are only showered with ricochets.

Hail of iron: there isn�?Tt much aiming to a blunderbuss. Even though there may be a specific target, everything in its immediate vicinity will be riddled with shrapnel. A unit of blunderbusses always fires in a straight line �?" draw two imaginary lines, extending the unit�?Ts sides 12�?� directly forward. Any model in this �?~fire zone�?T, friend or foe, is a potential target. Roll to hit. Once the number of hits has been established, allocate them to models in the firing zone, starting with the closest ones. If all the models in the fire zone have been hit and there are still some hits left, these are allocated as per normal shooting rules, to the unit of the attacker�?Ts choice. (This unit is considered to have been the primary target of the salvo).

�?oWait till you smell their breath!�?�: When a unit of blunderbusses stands and shoots, the dwarfs wait till the last moment, to make the blast all the more devastating. Move the chargers to within 6�?� (unless they are already closer or the charge is failed and they never get this far �?" in this case the dwarfs won�?Tt shoot) . Then resolve the dwarfs�?T shooting, allocating all the hits to the charging unit.


Chaos Dwarf Lord:         130 pts


3   7    4  4 5 3 4 4  9
Wargear: chaos armor and hand weapon

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh



Pistol(10pts), repeater pistol(20pts), or a brace of pistols(20pts)

additional hand weapon(6 on foot only), halberd(6 pts) or a great weapon(6 pts)

May ride a chariot ( 160 replaces both crewmen), a great taurus (225pts), a lammasu (200pts) or a palanquin. (30pts)

Up to 100 points of magic items

Bull Centaur Lord:      220pts
M WS BS S T W I A      LD

7   7    4  5 5 4 4 4   9
Wargear: chaos armor, hand weapon

Special rules: life is harsh, swiftstride, monstrous infantry, the bigger they are…, immune to psychology, impact hits (1)

Options:  shield (3)

May have additional hand weapon (6), halberd (6) or great weapon (6)

May have up to 100 points of magic items

Chaos Dwarf High Priest    200 pts

1   5    4  4 6 3 5 2  9
Wargear: hand weapon

Special rules: life is harsh, magic ( A high priest is a level 3 wizard. He can use spells from the lores of flame, shadow or metal.)

Stone curse- the high priest’s body is half petrified, making him unnaturally tough but also nearly immobile. He has to start the game mounted. If left on foot for whatever reason, he cannot pursue or flee and is stubborn (if he is a part of a unit, they will leave him behind if they flee or pursue but can’t pursue unless compelled by special rules.)

Options:Level 4 wizard (35pts) pistol (8 pts) repeater pistol (20 pts) Up to 100 points of magic items.

MUST ride either a chariot ( 160 replaces one crewman), a great taurus, a lammasu, or a palanquin. (30pts)


Bull Centaur Hero:           100pts
M WS BS S T W I A       LD

7   6    4  5 4 3 4 3   9
Wargear: chaos armor

Special rules: life is harsh, swiftstride, monstrous infantry, immune to psychology, the bigger they are…, impact hits (1)

Options: may have a shield (2)

May have additional hand weapon (6), halberd (6) or great weapon (6)

May have up to 50 points of magic items

May be a battle standard bearer (25) with the normal restrictions on equipment.

Chaos dwarf noble:       55pts

3   6    4  4 4 2 3 3  9
Wargear: chaos armor, hand weapon

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh

Options: shield (2pts)

May have an additional hand weapon(2pts,on foot only), halberd (4pts) or great weapon (4pts)

May have a pistol (7pts), a repeater pistol (15pts), or a brace of pistols(15pts)

May ride a chariot ( 160 replaces both crewmen) or a palanquin. (30pts)

May carry the battle standard (25) with all the usual restriction on equipment.

May have up to 50 points of magic items.

Chaos dwarf engineer:          70pts

3   6    5  4 4 2 3 3  9
Wargear: heavy armor and hand weapon

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh

Grenade launcher: move or shoot, range 24" a successful hit deals D3 armor-piercing hits at S6. Cannot stand and shoot.

Flamer: as breath weapon S3 -1 save.

Rocket hammer: A wicked pickaxe with a charge of slow burning gunpowder (the type used for rockets) installed in the head. When lit, it will give the head of the weapon rocket propulsion. A rocket hammer is a great weapon. Once per game it may instead work with following stats for one turn ( requires 2 hands, one attack per turn, +1 to hit, S8, armor-piercing, D3 wounds)

Crewman: An engineer can join either an earthshaker or a death rocket, becoming an extra crewman. When he isn’t shooting his own weapons, he can help man the gun (though this will make him vulnerable to the effects of misfires) This allows them to reroll the misfire die. He can also use his BS for the death rocket.

Options: Chaos armor (5pts) shield (2pts)  

brace of pistols (30pts) repeater pistol (30pts)

Also  a grenade launcher (30pts), a flamer (30pts) or a rocket hammer (15pts)

May ride a chariot ( replaces one crewman, this chariot doesn’t take a rare slot) or a palanquin. (30pts)

May have up to 50 points of magic items.

Chaos dwarf mage-priest:           80pts

3   5    4  4 4 2 2 2  9
Wargear: hand weapon

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh, magic (a mage priest is a level 1 wizard who can choose spells from either the lore of flames, shadow or metal)

Options: Level 2 wizard (35pts) pistol (6 pts) repeater pistol (12 pts) Up to 50 points of magic items.

May ride a chariot ( replaces one crewman, this chariot doesn’t take a rare slot) or a palanquin. (30pts)

Hobgoblin chieftain:  45 points

4   5   4   4 4 2  4 3 7
Wargear: hand weapon

Special rules: life is harsh.

Options: light armor (2pts) shield (2pts) bow(4pts) spear (2pts, mounted only) additional hand weapon (4pts, on foot only) mancatcher

(15pts, as halberd, killing blow, on foot only)

May ride a wolf (12pts)

May poison his weapons (10pts, poisoned attacks, excluding mancatcher or any magic weapons)    

May carry a battle standard (25pts, only if the general is a hobgoblin) under normal restrictions for battle standard bearers.

May have up to 50 points of magic items


Great Taurus         225pts
M WS BS S T W I A LD    

6   6    0  6 6 5 5 4  8
special rules: monster, terror, large target,fly,  breath weapon S5, immune to fire, scaly skin 4+.

Lammasu                       200pts

6   6    0  5 6 5 5 3  8
special rules: monster, terror, large target, fly, magic resistance 2, scaly skin 5+

Magical fumes: both the lammasu and its rider have a 4+ ward save against ranged attacks.


4  0   0  5 4 1 2 0  5
A palanquin is a small, armoured platform (usually in a form of a pulpit) carried by four armored goblin slaves. The goblins are chained to the contraption and doped by the mage priests to give them sufficient stamina for the task.

The character riding a palanquin has a unit strength 4.

It flees and pursues 2D6-1 but can march within 8" of enemies.

Counts as steed with +2 to the rider’s armor save (+3 against ranged attacks, to the minimum of 0+)

The rider can use move-or-fire weapons as if stationary, even when marching (though he will suffer the -1 to hit for shooting on the move)

If he joins a unit of goblin slaves, he can see and be seen over their heads and can shoot normally even when the unit is in close combat (If he shoots into the combat, the hits will be randomised 1-4 enemy, 5-6 goblins)

Chariot: see Rare Units.



Chaos dwarf warriors: (10+)   8 pts per model


  3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  Chaos dwarf

  3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  Champion
Wargear: hand weapon, heavy armor.

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh.

Options: shields (+1pt per model)

            halberds (+2pts per model) or great weapons (+2pts per model)

              champion (+10pts) musician (+5pts) standard bearer (+10pts)

              one warriors unit in the army may have a magic banner up to 50 pts.

Chaos dwarf Blunderbusses: (10+)     15 pts per model

  3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  Chaos dwarf

  3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  Champion
Wargear: hand weapon, heavy armor, blunderbuss.

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh, blunderbuss

Options: shields (+1pt per model) champion (+10pts) musician (+5pts) standard bearer (+10pts)

Hobgoblins: (10+)  5 points per model

  4   3    3  3 3 1  2 1  6   Hobgoblin

  4   3    3  3 3 1  2 2  6   Champion
Wargear: hand weapon and bow

Special rules: life is harsh. Hobgoblin animosity

“Our arrows will blot out the sun”. As long as at least 1 hobgoblin can see the target, the unit can fire with all its models at -1 to hit.

Options: light armour (+1 per model) shield (+1 per model)

               exchange bows for spears (no additional cost)

               can have poisoned weapons (+3 per model) but will become a special unit.

               champion (+8) musician (+4) standard bearer (+8)

               1 hobgoblin unit in the army can have a magic banner worth up to 25 pts              

Hobgoblin wolf riders: (5+) 13 points per model

  4   3    3  3 3 1  2 1 6     Hobgoblin

  4   3    3  3 3 1  2 2 6     Boss

  9   3    0  3 3 1  3 1 3     Wolf
Wargear: hand weapon and bow

Special rules: hobgoblin animosity, fast cavalry, life is harsh

Options: light armor (+1 per model)  shields (will no longer be fast cavalry) spears (+1 per model)

              The riders may have poisoned weapons (+3 per model) but will become a special unit

              Boss (+12) standard bearer (+12) musician (+6)

              One wolf rider unit in the army may have a magic banner up to 25 points.

Goblin slaves: (20+)  3 points per model  (goblin slaves don’t count towards the required core units)

4  2    2   3 3 1 3 1  4  goblin slaves

4  3    3   3 3 1 3 2  6  hobgoblin slaver
Wargear: hand weapons. The slaver has a light armor and a whip (additional hand weapon)

Special rules:


Expendable: the slaves are expected to die. Nobody except other goblins need to take panic tests because of them.

Slaves: The unit cannot be joined by characters, except hobgoblins or a chaos dwarf on a palanquin.

Herded: Any hobgoblins that join the unit ( including the slaver) are placed in the rear rank. They still confer their LD to the unit and cannot be challenged unless actually in contact with the enemy. A hobgoblin chieftain can leave the unit even when it is already in combat, as long as the rear of the unit isn’t engaged.

Options: shields (+1 point per model) replace 1 goblin with a slaver for +8 points

               standard (+8 points) musician (+4 points)


Chaos dwarf immortals (10+) (1 unit per army)   14 points per model

3   5    3  4 4 1 2 1  9 immortal

3   5    3  4 4 1 2 2  9 immortal champion
Wargear: chaos armor and halberd.

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh, immune to psychology.

Options: shields (+1 point per model)

Champion (+12) banner (+12) musician (+6)

May have a magic banner up to 50 pts

Death rocket (A death rocket has a crew of 2 chaos dwarfs)   100 pts

3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  crew

3   4   4   3 4 1 2 1  9  junior engineer

-    -    -   -  7 3 -  -  -   death rocket
Wargear: The crew has hand weapons and heavy armour.

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh

Pride: the crew are stubborn while manning their machine

Junior engineer: A junior engineer may be added to the crew for 10 points. He serves as a unit champion. If he isn’t shooting his own weapons on the same turn, he can confer his BS to the weapon. He wears a chaos armor and has a hand weapon. He can be equipped with a blunderbuss(4pts), a repeater pistol (8pts) or a brace of pistols (8pts)

Death rocket: Treat the death rocket as a bolt thrower. Roll an artillery die for the S of the attack. The rocket is a flaming attack and has a -3 save modifier. Also, any unit hit with a death rocket must make a panic test, regardless of actual casualties.

Death Rocket misfires:

1 the rocket explodes, busting the launcher. Remove the model.

2 The rocket burns mid-flight, leaving behind a cloud of sparks. The shot is wasted and the machine takes D6 S3 flaming hits, allocated as shooting.

3 The rocket won’t explode. The shot has S5 but loses other special rules (flaming, save modifier and panic)

4-5 wasted shot. The rocket won’t ignite properly and it takes the next turn to safely dispose of.

6 The rocket corcscrews out of control. Scatter it 5D6 in a random direction and if it lands on any unit, treat is as a succesful hit (the rocket will hit the first rank as normal)

Earthshaker (An earthshaker has a crew of 3)           130pts

3   4   3   3 4 1 2 1  9  crew

3   4   4   3 4 1 2 1  9  junior engineer

-    -    -   -  7 3 -  -  -   Earthshaker
Wargear: The crew hashand weapons and wears heavy armors.

Special rules: Slow, purposeful, life is harsh

Pride: the crew are stubborn while manning their machine

Junior engineer: A junior engineer may be added to the crew for 10 points. He serves as a unit champion. If he isn’t shooting his own weapons on the same turn, he can help aim the earthshaker, allowing a change of scatter distance by 1 inch (doesn’t help with misfires). He wears a chaos armor and has a hand weapon. He can be equipped with a blunderbuss(4pts), a repeater pistol (8pts) or a brace of pistols (8pts)

Earthshaker: - An earthshaker is a mortar with guessing range of 12-48". It can use 2 types of ammo (declare before shot)

1 shrapnel:                 large template  S 3/6  wounds 1\D3  -3 save.

2 earthshaker shell:   small template  S 4/8  wounds 1\D6 -3 save\no save,  tremor.

Tremor: if an earthshaker shell is used, all units within 2D6" must roll a dice:

1 no effect

2-5 cannot use move or fire weapons, -1 to hit with shooting, can’t march

6 cannot move or shoot. 1 less dice in flee and pursuit.

The effect last until the end of the enemy turn. Flying and etheral models are unaffected.

If the earthshaker misfires, use the mortar misfire chart. If the cannon blows up, remove it from the game but also resolve the shot (depending on the ammo) as if it landed on the cannon’s location.

Hobgoblin slavehunters (10+)    12 pts per model

4   4    3  3 3 1 2 1  6  slavehunter

4   4    3  3 3 1 2 2  6  snachmaster
Wargear: light armor, mancatchers (count as halberd, killing blow)

Special rules: Life is harsh, goblin animosity.

Nets: If equipped with nets, the slavehunters would throw them each combat round, entangling either one of the unit they are fighting or themselves (roll a die 1 - hobgoblins 2-6 enemies) the affected unit will have its strength reduced by 1 for 1 round.

Lariats: If equipped with lariats, the hobgoblins may throw them to entangle a broken enemy unit they would be allowed to pursue (whether actually pursuing or restraining) Roll the number of dice equal to half the catchers’ unit strength, hitting on 4+. The fleeing enemy unit takes that many wounds with no armor saves allowed, as the entangled soldiers are ran down by the hobgoblins.

Options: The unit can be equipped with nets for 25 points and/or lariats for 20 points.

              snachmaster (12pts) musician (6pts) banner (12pts)

              May have a magic banner up to 25 point

Sneaky Gits (10-20) 1 unit per army        12 pts per model

4   3    3  3 3 1 3 1 6   sneaky git

4   3    3  3 3 1 3 2 6   the biggest git
Wargear: light armor, additional hand weapon.

Special rules: hobgoblin animosity, life is harsh, poisoned attacks

Expert backstabbers: when attacking the enemy unit from behind, sneaky gits’ attacks are armor piercing.

Dirty bastards: An enemy fighting in a challenge against the biggest git (or a hobgoblin hero who joined the unit) can be attacked by other sneaky gits normally.

Sneaking around: Instead of deploying normally, sneaky gits can take a longer route to arrive behind enemy lines. They may arrive on 5+ in the second turn or on 4+ on the third, or 3+ in any of the subsequent turns, walking in from any table edge as if they had pursued the enemy off the board.  If they fail to appear through the whole battle, they have betrayed you - their points are awarded to the enemy.

Options: The biggest git (12pts) banner (12pts) musician (6pts)



Bull centaurs: (3+) 1 unit per army            30 pts per model

M WS BS S T W I A       LD

7   5    3  5 4 2 4 1+1   9  Bull centaur

7   5    3  5 4 2 4 2+1   9  Bull centaur champion
Wargear: heavy armor and hand weapon

special rules: Purposeful, life is harsh.

Centaur: Unit strength 2 but still susseptible to killing blow. An extra attack at base strength. Counts as “on foot” for weapon use.

Options: shields (1pt)

halberds (4pts) great weapons(4pts) or extra hand weapons

champion(20pts) standard bearer(20pts) musician (10pts)

Magic banner up to 50 points

Chariot                   160 pts

This heavy contraption is pulled by a powerful mechanical beast powered by dark magic and crafted to resemble a lammasu. It is crewed by 2 chaos dwarfs.

-    -    -   6 5 4  - -  -   chariot

7   3    -  6 -  -   1 1 -  mechanical beast

3   4   3  3 4 1  2 1 9 crew
Wargear: the crew is armed with halberds and blunderbusses.

Armour save 3+

Special rules: chariot.

Corrosive fumes: The beast exhales a cloud of alchemical waste that burns those too close. At the beginning of every close combat phase, any models in base contact with the front of the chariot take a magical S3 hit with -2 save modifier.


Rules: As described in WoC army book

Colossus             300pts  (1 per army)

A colossus is a metal giant, a creation of masterful craftsmanship and powerful sorcery.
M WS BS S T W I A LD  Save

6  3    0   7 7 6 0 S 10    2+
Special rules: construct (immune to poison), large target, terror, unbreakable

Automaton: Colossus always strikes last, even when charging. (decide by dice roll if his opponents are braindead). It cannot take parts in challenges. When testing for animosity, roll a die for the colossus as well; a 1 means it will be immobile for that turn, the spells moving it displaying some sort of imperfection. (it does nothing and is hit automatically in close combat)

Flamethrowers: The colossus has 2 flamethrowers installed in its arms. It has 2 S5 fire breath attacks per turn.

Attack modes: The colossus doesn’t attack normally. Instead, it can choose one of 2 attack modes:

- trample: all models in base contact take a S7 hit

- slam: A single model in base contact must make an initiative test (use the lowest for models with multiple values) or take a S10 hit that ignores armor saves and causes D6 wounds.

Crash: When killed, the colossus falls: roll a scatter dice and use a template as for a falling giant. (models under the template are hit automatically, those partly covered, on 4+)  The models hit take a S8 hit for D6 wounds ( Made of metal, a colossus is considerably heavier than a giant)


MAGIC ITEMS: note: a character can only wear one helmet, even if they come from different item categories.


Backbone-breaker (50 pts)

This huge, black hammer strikes with the force of an earthquake, its blows pulverising bone as the impact reaches deep beneath the armor.

Great weapon. Blows from Backbone-braker ignore armor saves.

Hammer of storm (40pts)

This hammer is covered with lightning-shaped ornaments and infused with furious magical power. When it strikes the target, sparks fly as the magic is unleased.

Any model struck with this hammer will also suffer a magic lightning hit. It is a S3 magical attack with -3 save modifier.

Axe of flames (30)

When swung, this axe leaves behind a trail of flame, hitting the targets like a red hot rock spat out of a volcano.

+1 to hit. Flaming attacks.

Wicked sabre (25)

This wide, curved sabre has a barbed edge that seems to be alive, biting into flesh like a hungry beast.

Each unsaved wound caused by the wicked sabre is doubled.

Furious axe (20)

This simple blade is filled with the chaos dwarfs�?T hatred towards other races, amplifying the wielder�?Ts

ability to cause harm.

After the user has made all of his attacks, he gets to make an extra attack for every wound he scored (after saves). These secondary attacks will not let him make new ones.

Slavemaster�?Ts whip (15 pts)

This wicked, barbed whip can lash over the slaves�?T heads, its metal hooks ripping out chunks of flesh.

An additional hand weapon (+1 attack)

If the user is positioned in the rear ranks of a goblin unit, he can fight with his full number of attacks against enemies who engage his unit from the front or sides.

Backstabber�?Ts daggers ( 15 pts, hobgoblin on foot only)

This pair of curved daggers has passed through the hands of many hobgoblin chieftains; sometimes several in a single night.

A pair of hand weapons (+1 A), armor-piercing, poisoned attacks.


Armor of stone (70pts)

This ornate armor makes the wearer�?Ts body incridibly tough, so much that he almost ceases to have any vulnerable spots.

Chaos armor. The wearer has +1 toughness and is immune to killing blow

Scales of Sargoth (40pts)

Created at the order of general Sargoth, this black scale mail was meant to protect him from chaos dwarf �?" made firearms used by his ogre enemies. It served its purpose admirably.

Chaos armor �?" the wearer�?Ts armor save can only be reduced by the strength of the blow : all �?zarmor piercing�?�, �?zignores armor save�?� abilities and pre-set save modifiers are negated.

Volcanic shield (40pts)

This round shield, crafted to look like a volcanic crater, erupts with sulphurous smoke and hot ashes whenever struck.

Shield. Each successful armor save made by the wearer in close combat inflicts a S4 flaming hit on the model that struck the blow.

Black mail (30)

This chailmail is simple in design but surprisingly durable. It is also enchanted to protect the wearer from surprise attack, allowing him to get ahead of his foes.

Chaos armor (save 4+) Enemies allocating their hits against the wearer cannot benefit from �?~always strikes first�?T special rule.

Big horns (25pts, chaos dwarfs and bull centaurs only. Usable by mage-priests)

This chaos dwarf helmet, adorned with a pair of massive horns, seems horribly impractical. Yet when worn in battle, it proves to be perfectly balanced and easy to wear. Somehow the horns don�?Tt get in the way of the user�?Ts weapons and block enemy blows instead.

Helmet: may be combined with other armor. +1 armor save.

Red scales (20)

Made for the chaos dwarf master of furnances, this scale mail allows the wearer to walk freely in fiercest heat.

heavy armor. The wearer is immune to fire.


Heart of the Earth (40 pts)

This heavy belt buckle is made of volcanic rock. It has a power to command things made of earth, turning aside weapons of wood and metal.

mundane attacks against the wearer are at -1 strength.

The stone hand (30 pts)

A petrified fist of a high priest of Hashut, taken from his remains after his statue was crashed during the black orcs�?T rebellion, has been attached to a chain and made into a large amulet. As enemies approach the wearer, it shares its curse with them, their limbs becoming heavy as stone.

Enemy models in base contact with the wearer strike last (If they have a magical ability to strike first, the powers cancel each other out. If they should strike first for other reasons, they still strike last)

Dragon heart (10 pts)

This trinket, made of Cathayan jade, is meant to protect the wearer from the poisoned fumes that fill the chaos dwarf factories. If the hobgoblins can get it in their hands they find a better use for it; it increases their chances of survival among other hobgoblins.

The wearer is immune to poison. Also, all fire attacks directed against him are at -1 strength.

Runic talisman (10pts)

A relic deting from before the chaos dwarfs abandoned the art of runesmithing, this amulet still protects its wearer from hostile magic.

Magic resistance 1


Shaman skull (50pts)

This is a real skull of a goblin slave who showed affinity to be a shaman �?" a large amount of unstable greenskin energy is still stored inside for the use of a mage-priest �?" if he can handle the risk.

The skull contains 3 power dice to be used by the owner of the skull. If they are used, roll them separately �?" a 1 on this dice results in a miscast. Also, if more than one power dice is used on a single spell, a double on the extra dice also results in a miscast.

Flaming vestment. (40pts)

Like many chaos dwarfs priests�?T robes, this vestment is covered with flame-shaped ornaments. Unlike normal ones, it allows the wearer to conjure magical flames from the ornaments, warding off enemy attacks and burning those foolish enough to get too close.

Ward save 5+ At the beginning of each close combat turn, one enemy in base combat with the wearer takes a S3 magic fire hit before any blows are struck

Iron Rod (30 pts)

This heavy rod has a power to channel hostile energies, directing them harmlessly into the ground

The mage priest has a magic resistance of 2.

Demonic pipe(30pts)

When this ornate pipe is blown, it blows forth a cloud of hot cinders. Its a bound spell with power level of 4 and range 12�?� A single unit within line of sight will be trapped in the cloud: Until the beginning of the user�?Ts next magic phase they can do nothing. However, they benefit from soft cover and any enemy that gets into contact with them will be similarly blinded.

Staff of hot iron (30 pts)

This highly ornate staff�?Ts headpiece is shaped like a taurus�?T head. On command, it spits hot metal into the ranks of enemy.

bound spell power 3 magic missile 18�?� (fire) d6 S4 hits.

Rings of Garuzath (20 pts)

This set of large brass rings is woven into the mage�?Ts beard. They allow him to safely ground excessive magical power �?" relatively of course.

If the user miscasts, he can always choose to take a single S4 magical hit instead of rolling on the miscast table.


Black gauntlets (45 pts)

This pair of gauntlets has been made from the molten iron from the Hashut�?Ts temple, where the slaves are thrown into the furnance alive as sacrifices. They are said to grant their wearer the might of a great taurus.

The wearer has +2 strength.

Earthquaking boots ( 30 pts �?" models on foot only. Not usable by bull centaurs)

These heavy, iron-shod boots make the earth itself shake and split under the wearer�?Ts feet, knocking his enemies off balance.

Units broken in combat by the wearer roll an extra die for their flee move and discard the highest one.

Mask of tyranny (40 pts chaos dwarfs and bull centaurs only)

This heavy iron mask changes the wearer�?Ts appearance, filling his eyes and mouth with infernal light as his entire visage radiates a powerful aura of merciless might.

The wearer causes terror.

Taurus helmet. (30 points chaos dwarfs and bull centaurs only)

The top of this tall helmet is crafted into a likeness of an angry bull. In battle, the head comes alive, exhaling streams of flame at the enemies.

The wearer has a S4 breath attack. This attack is flaming and magical.

Vile bullets (25 points, chaos dwarfs only)

These enchanted metal bullets are saturated with vile toxins, by-products of the chaos dwarfs�?T industry. Unprotected skin burns and blisters under their touch.

Any attacks from the user�?Ts pistols, repeater pistols or blunderbuss are +1 S and magical.

DIRTY TRICKS (dirty tricks represent items and skills used by hobgoblins. they are all hobgoblin-only)

A hobgoblin can have up to three tricks (paid from his magic item allowance) but no dirty trick can be repeated in the army.

Kick him when he is down (20 pts)

When this hobgoblin kills an opponent in a challenge, he automatically scores 2 extra points of overkill (up to the usual maximum)

Smoke bomb (10 pts)

This bomb is filled with alchemical waste created in the chaos dwarfs�?T workshops. When thrown, it explodes into a cloud of black smoke, so vile it can make a vampire cry.

The first time the user breaks in close combat, all pursuers will have their move reduced by one die.

Dog whistle (10 mounted only)

Used by leaders of hobgoblin wolfrider packs, it is audiable to the wolfs even over the din of battle.

The unit of wolfriders led by this hero has +1 to its rally checks (in addition to the bonus for having a musician, if any)

Master of hit and run (15 points mounted only)

This hero and any wolf riders unit that he joins can perform the �?~shoot and flee�?T charge reaction, provided they have ranged weapons. (shooting as per �?~stand and shoot�?T and then voluntarily fleeing 2D6)

Hidden pistol (10 points)

This hobgoblin has a pistol, perhaps stolen from his master, which he keeps concealed to use in emergencies.

At the beginning of each challenge, he can make a single S4 armor-piercing shot, hitting on 3+, before any blows are struck.

�?~You, wear my hat�?T (30 pts)

This hobgoblin is a master of quick thinking.

When fighting as a part of a hobgoblin unit he can, instead of refusing a challenge, push a rank-and-file hobgoblin to accept it in his place. The challenge is fought as normal but no side will score overkill. This ability cannot be used if its the hobgoblin that challenges the enemy.

Sneaky git (10 pts)

This hobgoblin is a sneaky git and benefits from all the sneaky gits�?T special rules. (though he has to buy poison as normal)


Banner of Zhar (140 pts)

This powerful magic standard exudes an aura of malice, making the nearby chaos dwarfs a truly intimidating force, their enemies�?T resolve shaken by the sight of relentless, iron-clad ranks.

Chaos dwarf units within 8�?� of the banner cause fear.

Totem of magic-eating (60 pts �?" hobgoblins only)

This heavy totem, made from a skull of an ogre butcher and enchanted by chaos dwarf mage-priests saps the magic from the air, protecting the dwarfs�?T hobgoblin servants from enemy magic.

It generates 2 dispel dice for the use of the army.

Banner of grim enslavement (65 pts)

This horrifying icon is made of steel and adorned with skulls of goblin chieftains who tried to disobey the chaos dwarfs�?T rule. It drains any remains of the slaves�?T free will, turning them into obedient tools of their callous masters.

If a goblin slave unit within 10�?� of the banner would fail a fear, terror or panic test, it loses D6 models and passes the test instead. If it is forced to take a break test it automatically passes, losing as many models as it lost the combat by. No panic tests are required for the losses suffered in this way. Also, non-goblins in the unit will never be killed in this way (they still benefit from the effect even if they are left as the only models in the unit.)

Pursuers�?T banner (20 pts �?" mounted hobgoblin only)

This banner is a simple horsetail on a spear but within it lives a spirit of a savage greenskin chieftain. His merciless presence guides the wold riders in pursuit of their prey.

The unit can reroll 1 dice in each pursuit roll.

Smoking banner (20 points)

The metal pipes adorning this banner belch forth black smoke, hiding the marching unit from enemy archers.

Shooting at the unit is at -1 to hit.

Banner of surprise (25 points- hobgoblin only)

This hobgoblin-made banner is a collection of enemy skulls on a spear. It allows the greenskins to surge forward at surprising rate, catching their enemies off guard

The enemies cannot stand and shoot when charged by this unit

Banner of discipline (20 points)

The unit marching under this banner moves as one, pushing the enemies back with combined effort.

As long as the unit has at least 1 full rank, its rank bonus is increased by 1, to the maximum of +4

Banner of the heartless (20 points)

Made by a particularly heartless mage-priest, this standard lends his view on life to the marching unit, the lives of their comerades nothing but necessery sacrifices in the long run.

The unit is immune to panic.


Quite a list.

In terms of being like a list GW would make, well. The second roll on the animosity table is something GW moved away from, so no. Stealing relentless from the normal Dwarfs and giving it to the Bull Centaurs is kinda evil.

The Blunderbuss rules you have… tch. ‘Always can stand and shoot’ is poorly defined and potentially a bad idea (standing and shooting against flank/rear charges is bad. it takes tactics out of the game). Move-or-Fire makes them very, VERY hard to use in any meaningful fashion other than devastating stand-and-shoot reactions, though.

I’d base them more on the Leadbelcher rules (perhaps have each full rank fire like one Leadbelcher).

(gap because of time constraints for review)

The Colossus looks more obnoxious than a Steam Tank.

I’d aim instead for a Giant or Hydra class monster with a lower points cost.

It shows a lot of creativity, but it’s not really designed inline with existing army books. Design weaknesses as well as strengths.


As I said, the colossus is from some novel. Hmm… perhaps he should take 2 rare slots

Blunderbusses: With “can always stand and shoot” I of course meant “can stand and shoot when the enemy is closer than half his charge move” Anyway, a unit only sees to the front…

Weaknesses… I will think about it.


The problem with the Colossus is I look at him and go ‘wow, a mecha-dragon’. Hydra, Giant, and Steam Tank are the comparables. He’s better than the Steam Tank.

He should not be tougher than the Steam Tank. A tank is a more logical ‘tough’ design than a humanoid walker.

S/T 6 with a 5+ ward is better justified, since that’s the stats of a Greater Daemon. This also shifts it somewhat in line with the War Hydra. If you do do that, I’d give it Daemonic Instability (perhaps with stubborn).

This gives you something that’s still a complete !@#$ to deal with, but is slightly less absurd. (The special attacks could also do with tweaking - autohits on all models in base contact is hard to explain. 1d6+1 hits, distributed like shooting, would better reflect the vagaries of combat).

Big Horns and Heart of the Earth are overpriced by about 10 points.


I must say I was in two minds about the colossus T. I changed it twice.  The funny thing is, it would still get owned by a real giant.

And logic isn’t really an argument for design: GW has made a dwarf catapult model which looks fully metal and has no wheels or other means of turning it around… :~

For animosity, one die test won’t really work to show what I wanted there. Hobgoblins’ way of thinking isn’t really compatible with the normal waagh animosity so they need some custom one.

If I were to add some weaknesses, the first move would be to take away the ‘always march’ from bull centaurs. They are fast enough without it. I was also thinking…

Self serving: Hobgoblins don’t care a bit about others but their own health is a serious concern to them (or, in plain words, they are stinking cowards). Hobgoblins substract 1 from their LD (regardless of whose LD they are using) when testing panic from losing 25% of the unit.

How about that?

I will make some edits but not tonight: Its 3AM already  :)


sorry for lack of update, doing a lot of stuff at once

EDIT: BACK! I will be revamping it shortly.


Version 1.1 Edits so far:

Revamped army rules, added some rules for hobgoblins (not too many, I hope), removed “paid in gunpowder” until I get the idea how it should work in the new edition.

changed the blunderbuss rules… they look long but I think they are simple.

changed the rules for bull centaur characters. may change them further later.

The Cursed Dweller:


I would change the gobbo slave profile into 2 kinda minor and major slaves (so the dwarf player fielding them could use his little skaven-like slaves as minor slaves and his marauder like slaves as major ones).

And what happend to the black orcs ? → if you enter these, I would allow them to enter hobgob units.

Ogres ?

And I think the Colossus is a bit to overpowered as well

Last but not least, I think there’s to much attention going to the hobgobbos and that anoimisity rule isn’t something typical for HOBgobbos imo. And hobgobbo armies ? CDs wouldn’t trust them alone I think.

Gosh, I think I’m ready…

Don’t get this wrong, I like it when people update the lists, but I think it’ll need some more corrections.


The rest of the list hasn’t even been touched yet - I am still half way through editiong the first post…

* I am still thinking about what to do with the colossus ( I was thinking of scrapping it altogether but I have seen people scratch-building them so apparently they must be included )

* Ogres used to be included. The rule “paid in gunpowder” allowed chaos dwarfs to field them as a Dogs Of War army would. However, I am still a bit confused about the new edition rulses so I removed it until I am sure it makes sense.

* Having read this from perspective, the hobgoblin slavers need to be revamped - the killing blow makes them very expensive for something that ‘fragile’ and any other unit worth 15pts a piece would totally slaughter them. I will cut down their rules and reduce the cost to allow fielding them in bigger units.

* Yes, there is a lot of focus on hobgoblins. But I don’t see anything wrong with it. And as for pure hobgoblin armies, this isn’t a matter of trust. The chaos dwarfs don’t need to supervise everything hobgoblins do. If it doesn’t concern them directly, they care about results - the hobgoblins are to go and come back with slaves. If they desert, they will lose their only ally and be stuck between angry greenskins and angry humans.

Also, a slave-hunting party is much more effective if it doesn’t include guys with movement of 3. :~

* I was thinking of mixed slave units - still thinking about them. I don’t like the idea (goblins are still goblins - being used as fodder is part of their culture - I don’t want to create new special rules for slaves rebelling) but bnothing really prevents a player from representing them with whatever models . I can add a note about it.

* No black orcs for me. I can’t imagine chaos dwarfs fielding them in battle after the rebellion, especially with the rules I have given them that allow them to shoot through greenskin units.