[Archive] My first big tourament with my Dawi Zharr


I just got back from a 5 game local tournament of almost 35 people, where I was allowed to use my Legion of Azgorh and the feedback and games were great! I won 2 against Daemons and Wood Elves, two draws against Dwarves and Vampires and a loss to Tomb Kings which placed me 17th out of 35 players… Most worries stemmed from the potential to abuse Ashstorm+Multiple Magma Cannons/Deathshriekers and Flaming Fireglaive shots but otherwise my oppenents loved playing against me. Even the wood elf player was a champ despite having almost all 12 of his treekin and his treeman ancient burned to a crisp. Anyhow my list was as follows…

(350) Sorcerer Prophet w/Lore of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation, and Enchanted Shield

(100) Daemonsmith Sorcerer level 1 w/Lore of Fire and Charmed Shield

(205) Infernal Castellan BSB w/Shield, Mask of the Furnace, Luckstone, and Ironcurse Icon

(380) 29 Infernal Guard w/full command

(202) 40 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w/full command and additional hand weapons

(104) 20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w/bows and musician

(104) 20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats w/bows and musician

(355) 6 Bull Centaur Renders w/shields, great weapons, and full command

(100) Deathshrieker Rocket

(100) Deathshrieker Rocket

(145) Magma Cannon

(75) 5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders w/bows and musician

(75) 5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders w/bows and musician

(205) Hell Cannon


I didn’t record much of anything from the event in order to do any proper battle reports, but I had some awesome games, and some really tight wins and losses every single game. I kept the Prophet and the Daemonsmith back with the warmachines to supplement their misfires and scatters with their rerolls and the Castellan went with the Infernal Guard and pushed forward along with pretty much everything but the two death shriekers and the magma cannon. I really liked how everything performed in general but I am still trying to justify the points for the Sorcerer Prophet. I feel like I could have done just as well with another daemonsmith level 2 with the lore of fire, and spent the other almost 200 points on another unit or two to supplement my line.

Also I know a lot of people hate the wolf riders and much prefer the single Khans on wolfback, but I like having the extra drops as my deployment was pretty important in almost every game, even though animosity was a pain at time. And also, everyone is probably thinking “where is the destroyer?” Yeah, I know, it’s not exactly a destroyer with 3 magma cannons, but I am not a big fan of gunlines playstyle wise, plus everyone in my area knows how to take care of the destroyer now, and I would rather have a hellcannon for less points and be able to shoot some nice templates all the while holding a flank.

Plus I think so many Chaos Dwarf players take the prophet and destroyer and just between the two of those thats OVER 600 points! That’s a pretty big investment for the little return they have given me in the past. Sure they have their golden moments (ashstorm+flames of azgorh combo), but so do my hobgoblins, and like I said, everyone knows how to counter the destroyer, and getting a one two magic punch with two high casting cost spells is really hard to do surprisingly.

My MVPs were definitely the Renders, Hobgobs, and the Deathshriekers. They made their points back almost every single game. The Prophet got off some really nice early game Breath of Hatred bubbles which really helped out mid-game once the units started hitting. I think if I took him again though I would go with the Lore of Fire for Flaming Sword, Cage, and Fireball. I am also fairly convinced that if Chaos Dwarfs had access to the lore of shadow like they used to, they would potentially be an incredibly nasty army. It would give an incredible amount of synergy to the list, but I would rather be underpowered or middle of the road than overpowered any day of the week!

Sorry I don’t have more to report, but just wanted to share a pleasant experience.