[Archive] my first bull centaur


it’s not pretty, but is my first conversion…I hope i do better next time

and thats it!! Hope it’s not too ugly!

good luck for all!


Looks ok to me! The barding is a bit rough, but your painting makes up for it. If you do better next time, then you’ll be doing just fine :smiley:


Looks good. Is that the grudge pony?


That a hell of allot better than my first attempt, good work!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I think it’s neat! :hat off

With a bit more practice the beard curls will improve, they look a bit like rubber hoses right now. But the paint job is great, definitely not “too ugly” ^^


Tks to all!! Your posts are very inspiring!

Yes, i use a BFSP poney and yes the beard realy looks like an old garden hose who suffered o lot in the dogs jaws!

Here in Brasil we dont have green stuf, so we need to import it, and the things(money…)are pretty hard to find by these days, so i use something we call durepox, its a kind of grey stuf used to fix pipes and other kind os stuff

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think this is an excellent model! I like how you made the barding metal on the back and used a canon shell for his hat.

It’s true that you will improve the more you use your sculpting material, but for a first time, it’s 80% better than I can do!


Where is the axe from? I don’t recognise it.


The painting and modelling is fine imo. My issue is the angle of the shield which looks strange. It would be better with that arm down.


Like it :hat off but the shield arm does look a bit off position.
Other than that’s he’s more than tabletop quality.


It’s great I really like it! Quite similar to my own bull centaurs. I agree with inkpwn that the shield arm looks a bit strange…more like he’s holding a dustbin lid! Still overall top marks and I look forward to seeing more!


Looks pretty good, keep it up.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

the shield arm does look a bit off position.
Maybe there's an incoming arrow we don't see?


Or he’s just dropped off his drinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Na i’m teasing, its good man really.


Tks one more time!!:hat off

The axe is from the thunder lord of Avatars of War and in the “shield up” i try to pass the idea :idea of a fracking drunk bull centaur screeming to the enemy with arms wide open…but i dont thing it works well:(