[Archive] My first Chaos Dwarf Conversion!(1)

Glimpse the Void:

Sorry the picture isn’t better, the lighting is poor today and my wife’s got the good camera.  I’ll try and replace this with some better photos asap.

I cannibalized a BFSP warrior, Old school Chaos Warriors bits, and a Marauder Standard.  It’s my first one and I appreciate any advice you guys may have.  I really liked making the beard, but see where I can do better next time. I used to much water, and the beard coils didn’t want to stick to the model.  This caused them to move out of position as I layered additional pieces.   I gained a lot of confidence doing this, and am excited to go forward.  I have a WOC army, and am glad to have access to a ton of bits that I wont have to buy.  

On that subject, if any of you guys are looking for a specific bit or two from the warrior or marauder sets, shoot me a PM and I’ll see what I can slide it your way.


Looking good so far! The only thing I’d change (and this is really a matter of personal taste to be honest) would be the skulls on the beard. To me, small spikes or really tiny “shrunken head” skulls would look more natural.

Still, I can’t really talk since I cheated and went for Mantic’s Abyssal Dwarfs :wink:

Keep up the good work.


Looking good ! Can’t wait to see your next efforts and remember the more you do the more confident you’ll become.

Glimpse the Void:

I really like mantic’s dwarves and probably would have done the same if I didn’t think i could get more for less converting second hand models I can get a hold of. Thank you both for the tips and encouragement.


Looking pretty good mate :slight_smile:

Especially like the coiled beard and the skulls hanging from it.



From what I can see it looks great man. I cant wait to see a few of these guys together.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

X-cellent work my friend! Can’t wait to see this painted and with the “Macro” lense turned on!


I like the skulls on the beard. I am excited to see your army progress. I will keep an eye on this.

Waste Rider:

Looks good from what I can see, those prev. edition WoC heads fit perfectly. Will stay tuned for more photos… happy converting GTV :slight_smile:

Glimpse the Void:

Thanks for the encouragemen. My wife just took some better pictures of my bsb and the anhilators. I will throw them up as soon as I figure out what’s wrong with my computer.