[Archive] My first Chaos Dwarf WIP

Screaming Evil:

Greetings all :hat off

After aquiring a collection on Bfsp dwarfs earlier this summer i’ve been pondering their use. I’ve always had a soft spot for the chaos dwarfs and after seeing all the amazing work by people on this site and elsewhere i decided to have a go at trying my hand at making some.

I intend to try and make a 500 point list to start with, nothing too big or adventureous but enough to give me a goal. This will be my first major works with Green stuff.

So anyway without any futher ado i present my first attempt at a chaos dwarf, minus the arms. I still need to buy the sprues for those.

Ignore the paint scheme, they were painted like that when i got them, i intend to change it when i’m done.

So, what do you guys think?


Pyro Stick:

The armour plating should have a bit more detail and to be honest the beard doesnt look natural. It looks like you’ve just tried to bend it with the curve of the shield. You should try make more strands of it and less curved with the shield.


be nice pyro, he said this his first GS project and Pyro, you don’t convert so you would,t know how hard it is

bear curves are a bit wierd, and try bisectingthe scale armour horizontaly across the middle to make it seem more armoury


A very traditional way to go with the Bfsp-warriors - I think! And he could certainly do service in most CD armies! But I would also recommend not to curve the beard arround the shield - but have it come more straight down - it would look more natural.

The long plated armoury could work, but then you should consider�placing a little rivet at the bottom (or - if you like - both at the top and at the bottom) - it should look something like this:


| || || |


or see it excellent preformed here by Snotling (Hopes it’s okay with you Snotling! - as your work is so inspiring)

I do my rivets with a little piece of brass tube (aprox diameter = 1,5 mm) or glue a piece of .025" plastic rod on top

Pyro Stick:

be nice pyro, he said this his first GS project and Pyro, you don't convert so you would,t know how hard it is

...rrrrr...Now i have to try and convert a bfsp dwarf....

I didnt mean to sound that mean. It was constructive criticism. :)


Looks great so far! The beard is pretty good for a first try. Try to make the indents a bit deeper. Looking good so far!


Nice job on your first CD conversion.

It sorta looks like you started going for Dwarf army with a blue/gold colour scheme, haha good choice switching to the dark side :cheers


The thing is, I think if the shield is held tight to the body the beard would curve around it.

I think it’s great. The only issue is that the ridges in the GS need to be more defined, so it looks more like beard and less like sausages.


its look a hell lot better than my 1st one


I like it, i know from my own experience that beards are a pain in the… well, beard… i would recommend being a bit braver with the knife to give you more room to work with. also i find that a pin is a good tool for detail work and the head is good for removing prints or bits you arent happy with. Still, full marks for effort and well done on becoming a beardling…

Kera foehunter:

he look sooo cool with a mohawk!! and a super size axe