[Archive] My first Chaos Dwarves (big hats)


After reading through this forum i was inspired to start my very own legion of big hatted fellows.

I started collecting Chaos dwarves years and years ago, but I was just a kid then and only managed to get together one regiment of the axemen, god knows where they are now.

I popped into my local GW and managed to persuade them to give me a couple of the skull pass minatures for a ‘secret plan’ and have spent this afternoon playing around with them, this is the result:

Attack with Dremel.

Then add some funky headware

Finally add some green stuff and you get funky chaos Dwarves!

Just another 60odd left to do :slight_smile:

I’m planning on using the chaos dwarf rules from ravening horders, and for tournaments that don’t allow that i’ll use normal dwarf rules using the ‘counts as’ rule.

The good thing is, a couple of battle for skull pass boxes and i’ll be sorted, i’m also gonna be using the gobbos that you get in the box as hobgoblins, perhaps converted - we’ll have to see.

So, what you guys think?


The hats seem rather large. They look correct, but just not in the proper proportions. Looks good though. Far better than any GS work I have done too date :wink:

The Flying Beaver:

That’s one hell of a hat! Nice job! As for the beard, I don’t think you’re doing the right cuts in the greenstuff if you want a curly beard effect. Instead of a diagonal shape, you should be going horizontally.


Whoa! Big hats is right! Those are pretty awesome, in a camp way - altho I agree with The Flying Beaver about the beards.


Those hats really are big! I think I’ll steer clear of the push pins and find a bead shop to get consistant big hats that aren’t quite so tall.


Heh, thanks for the comments, yeah the hats are a little big - especially the bottom one, I prefer the top (white) one, which I didn’t put as much green stuff on, so it’s go more of a fluted apperance, I think i’m gonna go more for that type.

yeah I need to practise the beards some more, before I started I knew exactly what I was supposed to do, but then when I started prodding everything went blank and I reverted to normal fur mode :confused:

I picked up the skull pass box yesterday so i’ve got plenty more to practise on - the dremel is getting quite a bit of action atm :slight_smile:


Push pins are ok it seems if you find the right ones. I just had a look through my stationary and found some which seem too small, if you can beleive it, nothing green stuff cant cure.

Also i always find its best to wait till the mini is painted, you probably wouldnt notice a beard like that in a regiment when it is all painted.


I agree with Torn that certain Pins can work:


Good stuff! Great to have you back on Hashut’s side!


Hmmm, I might try and cut off a section of the pin, making it a bit shorter.

I may also thieve your sorceror ideas, although at the moment i’m trying to make it fit with a normal dwarf list, so sorcerors are a no-no


Simply count them as engineers/runesmiths


I made some blunderbusses last night, cutting the smaller end of the push pin off and using it as the blunderbuss end, then using the pin without the small end as the hat - makes it a bit shorter and a bit more cone shaped, i’ll get some pics up later.


That’s quite economical, I like it!


Pics please!


wow those big hats are a little to big, but im no great fan of big hats any way