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My first few Chaos Dwarfs! I’ve gotten back into the hobby within the last year and love the old big hat Chaos Dwarfs. I’ve a few more to paint, and a few more to try find on ebay!

Also my first post here, hello all!

Uther the unhinged:

Lovely big hats. It is great to see the old minis still getting some love. Good lick on ebay!


A great start to any collection! Love to see the old school Sorceror-Prophet doing his thing.

I might recommend hitting the none-bones areas of these guys with a coat of Nulin Oil then going back through with the original colors and highlighting them to give them some added depth.


Took the liberty to insert the pictures as attachments.

As someone in lifelong adoration of that colour combination, I can but applaud. Good work, great colourful impression!

Washes are indeed our friends. Graveyard Earth (dark brown wash) could also work before highlight. If you ever look for ways to make red and blue areas pop more, then washing with red-brown wash (Reikland Fleshshade), re-highlight and even add some slim, extreme orange to edges, works well for red. For blue, a blue wash, rehighlight up to some slim, extreme lightning blue edges. This isn’t necessary, your chaps look well as they are. Best of luck with the army!

Welcome to the forum. :hat off


Very nice minis, great colors. I would have done the bases in goblin green, though heheh


Love the classic Red and Blue! Very striking! nice job! Can’t wait to see your force come together!


Many thanks for the comments all, and thanks Admiral for sorting the images!

I’m still very much a novice to painting. I’ve tried doing a black ink wash on the armour of a standard bearer I painted this evening - I’m driving home for Easter tomorrow morning so I’ll post a picture of it when I’m there.

Love the classic Red and Blue!  Very striking!  nice job!  Can’t wait to see your force come together!

Thanks! I always loved the primary colours used on the 'eavy metal models, and thought they perfectly matched how pompous and mental the chaos dwarfs look, and I just wanted to do something similar.


Ditto. Good work and a nicestart

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Great color scheme! This will be a fun army to look at when it is all done :cheers If our armies are ever truly “done”…

If I may off a critique - I see blue cloth hats, blue leather, blue wooden handles, and blue shields. I like my units to have a theme to match in some way but using the exact same blue on so many materials looks off to me.