[Archive] My first full sculpts (WIP)

Spikes Harvey Wotan:

These are my first full sculpts, they are CD�?Ts based on an Ind (Indian) theme and have masks. I can almost imagine them fighting the Yuan ti (from D& D). :cheers

I realise they have a lot of proportional errors and some areas could be better sculpted but they are a work in progress.

If there is a demand for them, I may sell some.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Thats some good GS work that you have done there, can we see them next to a normal dwarf for a sense of scale :slight_smile:


I like the indian theme of your CDs! :hat off

Concerning the sculpts - imo the bodies are not bulky/stout enough!

Despite this aspect … great work! :cheers

I’m eager to see the following results!



Hey i like the idea of those! great first sculpt!

They could use a bit more hmm how shall i put it; curves? more of a size difference between the parts, the arm for example looks a bit like a tube.

Spikes Harvey Wotan:

Thanks for the comments & advice.

Here is a picture for the scale.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those are awesome! It’s like Chaos Dwarfs meet Sinbad! They’re thinner, but I like them like that.


they are looking good

like their faces and swords

imo the arms with the swords seems to be a little bit to long,looks like they could touch the groung while standing normal