[Archive] My first list (2000 points)


hi guys, I’m here to post the first list i tried to write. It’s quite difficult finding room for everything, but still…

I’m going to use an anvil and hammer strategy, I don’t have lords because they cost too much and I’m not sure i really need a lv 4 wizard. Here’s the list:

daemonsmith, dispell scroll, ruby ring 145

daemonsmith, chalice 145

infernal castellan, bsb, shield, mask 197

24 infernal guards 288

2x 40 hobgoblins 320

2x magma cannon 290

3x bullcentaurs with great weapon 150

2x 5 wolf riders with spears 130

K’daai destroyer 325

TOT= 1999

both the deamonmiths will use lore of death to (hopefully) take out enemy fighter heroes, but one of them can occasionally use lore of metal. The ruby ring is there to use 25 of the 26 points I had left, but it’s nice to take out possible scouts or skirmishers. They’ll go with the infernal guards and move out before the fight starts. I hope that the combination of the chalice and the scroll will be enough to protect my army from hostile magic

The infernal castellan is my bsb and makes IG stubborn

infernal guards are my ultimate anvil, hopefully they will be able to handle enemies enough. They’ll protect daemonsmiths and magma cannons with some help from the hobbos

hobgoblins will cover the IG flanks and hopefully block enemy’s small elite units

magma cannons are there to soften up enemy units before they reach the close combat

bull centaurs are one of my hammers, even tough I’m not sure they’re able to dish enough damage to break a unit

wolf riders are there to redirect/march blocking (buying time for cannons) and for killing chaff (hopefully)

the K’daai is my best hammer. Both him and bullcentaurs will help hobbos at first and IG then, just because i think IG can resist better than hobbos an maybe win some fights too.

Obviously, nothing will go as planned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

That’s a solid list.  At 2,000 points, you should really do damage to your enemy.  Though I will say, I think bringing a Destroyer at that point level isn’t going to win you any friends.


I’m a little tired of hearing about how the Destroyer is uber cheese. A single 5 point item can render him inert. Or a ten point item.

Anyways, nice list. I think you may want to consider going to a different lore. By the time the enemy is in range of spirit leech they’ll likely be in combat. I think metal or fire will provide you more oomph.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Me too! I think the K’daii Destroyer isn’t a terrific choice but I don’t believe much of the rest of the Warhammer world shares that opinion.