[Archive] My first post +Atol's Dwarves of Doom!+


The loverly work of all the people on this forum and the Hand inspired me to start an army of evil dwarfs

They are intedned to be an homage to the helmed horrors of yester-year so if you’re a big-hatter they might not be to your taste. Let me know what you think. These are all brand new WIPs so don’t be too harsh:cheers

I think the blond beard will have to go

Unit filler

Earth Shaker

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



ha ha the sado masochistic ogre ive seen this on HoH

the painting on the hellcannon is amazing


Sweet stuff man. Love that Hellcannon! Ya, blondie would get picked on a lot, to the point where he would start dieing his beard anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice army - especially The Earthshaker (Hellcanon) - which is great- . How did you paint the metal parts - is it GWs Tin Bitz as base or …? And I love the wethering!


Hi! Great work - its ncie that new users make their first post here :slight_smile:


I�m normally not a very big fan of using chaos helmets for CD (looks too much like short chaos warriors), but those looks amazing! The unit filler looks sweet as well, and the hellcannon/earthshaker… hell, that paintjob is superb.

Just one thing, you should cut a short part of their arms, especially the marauder arms, since they look weird if you uses a full lenght human arm on a dwarf.


Have to agree with Arashi here, but i’d love to know how you painted the hellcannon. Welcome to the forum

Traitor King:


love the fiery part on the hellcannon. I would also like to know how its done.

The Flying Beaver:

I love that slave ogre. Welcome to the forum Confessor_Atol.


These are great. The ogre is very nice (look ma! No hands!)

The Hellcannon looks a lot like how I think mine is going to turn out when it’s finally finished.


Lepreh Khan:

They look good, and the only thing that I can suggest about using the Chaos Helmets is to shave more off of the dwarf model. The head looks a little bit detached from the body, but not a huge deal.

Again, Hellcannon/Earthshaker looks great!

-L K